Fall Tablescaping with Rag Runner and Amber Moon & Stars

A bit of 'Fall Tablescaping going on here.  It is always a nice change in our dining room when it is time to put on the fall table decorations which include a 'For Our Blessings We Give Thanks' quilt I made many years ago.  It is also a perfect time to get a few shots of the just finished table runner I mentioned in the Color and Pattern Consideration Make A Difference post.  All of the considerations made in the planning and actual weaving turned out just as I had hoped.

The one thing that worked exceptionally well in keeping it low key was the continuous use of the dark green strip.   In Twining, two strips are used for the weaving around the warp.  By always having one of the strips dark green it made the accent colors of rust, gold and blue-green dulled down and blended.

On this rug/table runner I found a perfect woven border with a twisted rope fringe.  I think this will be more pleasing and certainly will not ravel  like a fabric fringe would.

Now on to the next project on Libby LuLa 409 which is another table runner.  It's already on the loom.

As I mentioned earlier, the dining room table is covered with the quilt I use every year.  This year I have a new piece of glassware as the centerpiece.  Isn't it perfect for a Fall Table?  It is a Moon and Stars amber scallop edged and footed bowl.  It is quite large with a 10 inch circumference and sits 5 inches high.  It goes perfectly with several other pieces of amber Moon and Stars in my collection. 

Now, mind you, I have sworn off of buying any more glassware, but.....how could I resist this Goodwill find for $1.99.  REALLY!!!  It is in mint condition and from what I have seen is valued in the $40 range.   As a collectible, amber pieces are not the most popular or valued at the high end, but still very collectible and perfect for a fall table setting.  I'll keep it for awhile!


  1. totally worth the $1.99. I too am enjoying some fall colors - I switched out my table gear to fall/Halloween fun.

  2. Love the fringe on the table runner! And yes, good buy on the amber glass bowl.


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