Color and Pattern Consideration Makes A Difference

Of the three 'Twined Rugs' I have made, 'Color Consideration' on this third one has taken the most planning.  Why is that you are wondering when a basket full of left over scrap strips are being used?  Why not randomly select a strip and go with whatever develops? 
Here are my considerable considerations that will make a difference when all is said and done....
~limited numbers of scrap strips for repeating throughout the table runner which is being made for a specific table.
~the recipient has an eye for detail and will be more visually pleased and comfortable with a planned, repeated pattern.
~the recipient is more comfortable with darker colors especially browns, rust, and forest green. 
When creating for someone who has specific needs,
and you want them to feel comfortable with the end result,
Color Consideration and Pattern Makes A Difference. 


  1. That first photo is just gorgeous and glows! I love the look of this project. The recipient will be pleased, I'm sure.

  2. yep - you don't want to throw some crazy into the mix. These all look very soothing

  3. Very cool and so artistic! You rock the art lady!

  4. That little bit of blue really brightens the pattern of repeated warm tones.


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