Feather Power Mandala...A Force Within

In Native American culture, feathers represent the power of the thunder gods, and symbolically deal with ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane.  Another symbol meaning of feathers revolves around prayer and the use of feather sticks in ritual rain dances.

I have always had a fascination for feathers.  I might go so far as to call it a Feather Fetish.  For many years, I was under the impression that somewhere in my Family Tree there was a Native American branch...or at least a twig.  My imagination ran wild when I learned that my 2X Great Grandmother's maiden name was Leatherwood.   The Feather Fascination flourished in many aspects of my life....in my Art, in my closet, jewelry, home décor and more.   So, it came as somewhat of a surprise and a disappointment when my Genealogy Research led to the post...Leatherwood-Pittman Myths Debunked.  Nevertheless, feathers and their symbolism still fascinate and resonate with me. 

I didn't purposefully create feather images or think about their symbolism as I crocheted this Mandala.  As I added the finishing touches and thought about what to use to highlight the center, I instinctively reached for the feather pot.  I have come to realize that the relationship between Spirituality and Artistic Expression is a powerful shaping force in life.  Here are a couple of feather thoughts...
Let me be as a feather.
Strong with purpose yet light at heart.
Able to bend.
And, though I might become frayed,
Able to pull myself
Together again.
One day, you're a Peacock.
The next day you're a
Feather Duster.


  1. From peacock to feather duster -- ha ha. That's how it goes sometimes!

  2. I like the feather spirit - light touch. Very nice. Happy Friday and (Halloween weekend)

  3. So, did you do a feather rain dance? Is that why all the rain hit Texas?

    1. You got it! Guess I over did it ....again!


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