Thrifting for Twining Fabrics & Tools

This is kinda embarrassing!!!  Here I am a QUILTER with a STASH of FABRIC...as they say..."To Die For".  So, why am I spending good money for more Fabric?  Because I can't see 'Cutting/Stripping" quilt shop quality, high dollar, brand name, out of print, vintage, hoarded fabrics into RAG RUGS.  I just can't do it! 

The solution for Rag Rug Twining fabrics....Thrift Store Shopping!  As you know if you are a long time reader of this blog, thrifting is a part of my DNA, and as a Goodwill Huntress, I am a Fabric Bin Bomber.  For instance, the tag 'Lrg Piece Floral Cloth' with the $10 price might not seem like a good deal to most, but it was for me...especially when I pulled it out of the pile and 'chin to elbow' measured it at a good 6 yards.  Yup, it is a 'Lrg Piece' alright!  Thank-you vendor #29...you just made my day and a Twining Rag Rug maker very happy.
Just about finished with this Table Runner.
Here's what is next to be Stripped for Twining.
Here's what I am waiting for to make Rag Rug Making more efficient and easier
on an Old Quilter's Neck and Shoulder!
Libby LuLa 409 companion piece....The Easel.
Not dollar Thrifted...but a Big Saver & Ease on Old Quilters N&S.
Hmmm...guess that's why it's called and Easel.
Works for me!


  1. Wow! Look at you go! Does Hi Honey shop with you?

  2. your version of dumpster diving sounds good - fabric treasures galore with lovely results. You are nifty thrifty

  3. I'd expect no less! One woman's trash . . . .


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