Wordless Wed...Texas State Cemetery

Thank-you Great Grandfather for Your Service.
George Washington Pittman
July 26, 1843 ~ June 12, 1938
Your Great Granddaughters
Sue and Connie
Visited Texas State Cemetery
October 15, 2015
(click on pic to enlarge for reading of plaques)


  1. good picture and indeed a part of history. Ray's old relatives have the confederate symbol on some grave markers. They fought for what they believed at the time. That was a part of TX history.

  2. What a great cemetery to visit, full of history

  3. I've been to a number of Civil War cemeteries (several associated with Civil War battlefields) but never a State cemetery. We have a cemetery right here in Binghamton, New York (Spring Forest), where several Union soldiers are interred, including a Medal of Honor winner (Spotsylvania Court House) who became a Lt. Governor of New York State after the War. Both sides of my family didn't immigrate to this country until long after the Civil War but it continues to interest me, year after year. Alana ramblinwithamblogspot.com


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