YarnARama Circle Crochet Chaos to Contemplation

It is organized chaos around my Nesting TV Chair.  It's been that way for several days...or maybe weeks...I lost track...it's a result of getting an overdose of FiberPsychosis.  It's what happens when I Fiber Multi-Task.  It's how I roll in order to get in a JOB work schedule, to get ready for a SHOW, and watch my favorite evening TV shows. 

Lately, I have been pretty wrapped up in Twining on my LibbyLuLa Loom.  I still am...but, then I saw something 'Shinny'...that's what HiHoney says when I loose focus and flit from one project to the next or start another one.

The 'Shiny' something started with browsing on Pinterest.  Mandalas! 
Mandala (Sanskrit Mandala, 'circle') is a spiritual and ritual symbol in a number of religions around the world including Native American.  The Native American Mandala is created in honor of a people that truly understand the deeper meanings of thought, nature, and life. 
I have more to tell you about Native American Mandala's and how they relate to my YarnARama Circle Crochet Chaos, but I have to cut this short and go to my JOB.  I'll leave you with this thought to Contemplate ....
What goes around comes around.
Keep the Circle


  1. drat, work gets in the way of the rest of the story. I'm guessing you are wrapping yourself in yarn for Halloween and will be a very colorful mummy

    1. Good guess, but not a mummy...that would make me more of a dizzy dummy...I'd have to rewind all that yarn.

  2. Ha! I'm glad to hear that HiHoney is remaining true to form!
    I like those mandalas, too. I have weak crochet skills though!

    1. Mandalas are like big Doilies. I was terrible at doilies, but with a bigger needle and a mixture of yarns, Mandalas are pretty easy. Yep, HiHoney has my number!


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