Thrifting for Twining Fabrics & Tools

This is kinda embarrassing!!!  Here I am a QUILTER with a STASH of FABRIC...as they say..."To Die For".  So, why am I spending good money for more Fabric?  Because I can't see 'Cutting/Stripping" quilt shop quality, high dollar, brand name, out of print, vintage, hoarded fabrics into RAG RUGS.  I just can't do it! 

The solution for Rag Rug Twining fabrics....Thrift Store Shopping!  As you know if you are a long time reader of this blog, thrifting is a part of my DNA, and as a Goodwill Huntress, I am a Fabric Bin Bomber.  For instance, the tag 'Lrg Piece Floral Cloth' with the $10 price might not seem like a good deal to most, but it was for me...especially when I pulled it out of the pile and 'chin to elbow' measured it at a good 6 yards.  Yup, it is a 'Lrg Piece' alright!  Thank-you vendor #29...you just made my day and a Twining Rag Rug maker very happy.
Just about finished with this Table Runner.
Here's what is next to be Stripped for Twining.
Here's what I am waiting for to make Rag Rug Making more efficient and easier
on an Old Quilter's Neck and Shoulder!
Libby LuLa 409 companion piece....The Easel.
Not dollar Thrifted...but a Big Saver & Ease on Old Quilters N&S.
Hmmm...guess that's why it's called and Easel.
Works for me!


Pom Pom said...

Wow! Look at you go! Does Hi Honey shop with you?

Joanne said...

your version of dumpster diving sounds good - fabric treasures galore with lovely results. You are nifty thrifty

Wendy said...

I'd expect no less! One woman's trash . . . .


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