ETSY Shop...Shameless Selfie Ad

You know...in todays market place of 'It's Hand Done, Honey'
...if YOU don't promote your stuff...
it's not going to get out there for all the 'www dot coms' or 'live shoppers' to see. 
So here is my 'Shameless Selfie Ad'.
(click on pic Ad to enlarge)
or better yet
Visit CollectInTexas ETSY Shop
CITexas on ETSY
click on Texas!


Pom Pom said...

So true! So much promoting all around but it's all good! I love to browse Etsy!

Sue McPeak said...

Thanks for looking. I so appreciate being your blogland friend for all these years. Enjoy browsing Etsy!

Wendy said...

I was wondering if you were reopening your store. YAY. Putting any rag rugs in?

Sue McPeak said...

Store is getting restocked. Hope to have a few rag rugs in there soon. Have some pretty ones planned in just your colors. Now to get from plan to loom!

Joanne said...

gotta promote the goods, P.T. Barnum and Sue. You have wonderful goodies to sell. Good luck


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