National Grammar Day...Let's Diagram It

**Best laid plans in the Planner Calendar Book, don't always plan out like I planned. How's that for a good grammar sentence?

If I were to diagram that sentence it would look like an underground rat's maze with no way out.  But, that is what I would have to do to in order to double check if I had correctly identified all the parts of a sentence.

Getting the subject, verb, direct object and even the prepositions and their objects were no problem, but dang, those dangling participles.

Yes, it was yesterday....National Grammar Day....and I had planned to give it the Highlight Spot here on CollectInTexas Gal, but the 'Geek Grammar Gods' zapped my Internet Provider and suddenly SuddenLink was not linked.  So, here I am a day late and SEVERAL dollars short! 

Okay...on with it! (that was not a proper sentence and so grammatically incorrect I'm surprised auto-correct did not explode)

However, it is an example of how far off the proper grammar wagon I have fallen.  My English teacher in 1959-60, who also taught me how to do a proper 'hook shot', is probably jumping through heavenly hoops at the disgraceful grammar, punctuation and spelling that flows from my A's in English brain.  Then there is the run on sentences and rambling...yikes!  Sorry Coach!  It's a sign of the times!

And that is the truth!   The Good Grammar GuRu's of yesteryear have been replaced with the Google Guys.  Webster has been replaced with an Urban Dickins and Phonics has been replaced with Spell Check...thank the Geek Gods!  (or is that just me?...probably not)

And now, for the 'piece de resist-ounce' in 21st Century Google Grammar Greatness....
I kid you not!
PS...**About my first sentence...Sentence Diagram-1AiWay would not diagram it.  Reason given:  Could Not Find A Complete Sentence!
It was not even fit for a Rat!


  1. I grew up with grammar lessons and diagramming sentences. Even today it does help to keep things from dangling too often. However, I am sloppy now. But happy I had the training.

  2. I remember doing the diagrams. Thanks for the memory jog!

  3. I loved diagramming sentences. Thanks for the tribute to Grammar Day. I saw that announcement online but couldn't think of anything to do with it.

  4. I ain't got no trouble with your grammar ;)



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