Sewing Studio...Not Just Another Pretty Space

I can only Create/Sew/Work for so long in a 'Messy Space'...then I have to do one of three things. 
~Walk out and shut the door.
~Straighten and clean up the latest Project Mess.
~Rearrange the whole SewSheBang!

Over the last few months of sewing Aprons, Sling Bags and Blankets I did two of those things.  Number one was to walked out and shut the door...not too hard to do during the coldest days of February.

Two, was to straighten, clear and clean to make room to make more of a mess.  Before long those two options begin to get on my last Messiness Nerve!  When that happens there is only one thing left...you guessed it.

The Great SewSheBang Re-Arrange!  It usually happens right after a round of getting ready for setting up my Booth at the Chicken Farm Art Center.  True to form...it happened the day after!

Only this time it was not just organizing baskets, shelves and button bins, but moving them and the furniture they occupied to make room for a Cutting Table. 

Not a new one, but improvised from an eight foot table formerly used in the storage room.  Bed Risers make it just the right height, and the space underneath...well, it works for storage of Scrap Bins and Stacks of Stuff.

I'm loving the eight feet of table top.  There is room for TWO 36 inch cutting mats.  That leaves 24 inches for Tools and space for 'Working Fabric Baskets' and layout space for patterns and stuff. 

Once I get in the Great SewSheBang Re-Arrange Groove, it is much like everything else I do...I don't know when to quit!  I had that under control this time around.  Yep, I resisted messing in the YarnARama part of the room, and the Junk Jewelry Jumbles.
I have to admit, I did straighten some skeins of yarn and clear off the Jewelry Jumbled table, but that was it. 
How could I not...it would have made the Sewing Studio...
Not just another Pretty Space!
PS...It's been three days and I have not created ONE thing in the Studio.  I walk in and walk out...and yes, shut the door!  I just can't mess up that Pretty Space!


  1. Hi Sue! You are well organized! I sure love stopping by and say hi! Colorful fabric! I am trying to get my house organized and it is a chore! Our oldest son is going to buy his own home and take his dogs! There is too much upkeep with all these pets. LOL! Hugs, Anne

  2. A BIG table solves so many problems. Of course, it also holds a lot of stuff that needs to be put away whenever you can get around to it. Still, I would prefer a big table.

  3. looks like something out of the Container Store book. Now, if you are on a serious tear - our shed could use some Sue SewSheBang shazaam. Don't you love spring? It's here!!!

  4. Ok, it's been 3 days, time to mess up all that neatness! Gotta get creative!

  5. Hi Sue .. it must be lovely having all those goodies around ... ready for you - when you feel able to 'go create' ... my home needs some SewSheBang clearing out ... HillBilliesbooks and papers!! Well done .. I must get myself organised ... a couple of challenges have arisen - not the A-Z though that looms ... cheers for now - Hilary


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