A Lot On My Sewing Plate

As much as there is on my 'Sewing Plate', there is more on my 'Other Stuff Plates'.  Some of those plates are stacking up and getting dangerously close to toppling over.

On top of the plate pile are the remaining AtoZ Letters to be written.  Down to a place setting for six at that table. 

Wow! I just had an IDEA for Letter 'T'.  One down...five to go!

From the stack, I must begin putting together a 'Place Setting' for Two.  There is going to be a wedding in our family, and 'Family Heirloom Table Treasures' are on that Plate. 

My work plate has been quite full this month, and that is a good thing as it keeps me inspired to get back to my 'Sewing Plate'.  You have no idea how hard it is to put other stuff plates on the back burner when you are highly exposed to a 'Plateful of Fabric' for hours every day.  I have to remind myself that my 'Fabric Plates' at home are stacked to the ceiling and filling every nook and cranny. 
You know, having one's 'Plates Full' is a blessing...the Irish said so just a few days ago. 
"May there always be work for your hands to do."


  1. Hi Sue, I can so identify with your full plate dilemma. Retirement is wayyyyyy busier than I ever expected. However, I am enjoying it a lot and it goes along with my daily goal to "Seize the Day" and enjoy our time together.
    As we lose loved ones life becomes more precious.

    Your stack of fabric won't go away unless you keep the sewing plate going. LOL

    Happy Spring.
    Hugs, Jeanne

    1. Jeanne, what a great daily goal to 'Seize the Day". Keep it up.

  2. I always liked watching the plate spinner on the Ed Sullivan show. Keep 'em spinning

    1. LOL...me too on the Ed Sullivan Show. I keep mine spinning on top of the table on turntables...no dropping and fewer pieces to pick up.

  3. I just know you'd love my 1940 cast iron Domestic sewing machine! Still works. Was a wedding present to my Mama.

    1. What a TREASURE you have, and how very special that it was a wedding present to your Mama. Yes, I would love it! I have a few vintage machines in my own collection. One very special is a Kenmore given to me by my parents for my high school graduation. It still runs, too. I plan to post about it on the AtoZ Challenge. Thanks so much for sharing your sewing machine comment.


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