Measuring March...Inching Along Til April

March weather...still a hot cold topic...even here in Texas...and we've only just gotten the first week of it under our belt buckles.
At least here in Texas we have not reached the point of Measuring March in Feet....of sleet, snow and ice. But, let's talk Temp Measurements...yikes, it's been cold...even the migratory Yankees are complaining about having to get out their Parka's and Mukluks.

And if that's not an indication of March gone Mad...the Daffodils are refusing to bloom.

What can I say except we will 'Inch Along Til April'.
Oh, and I will make more APRONS!  The first batch were a test to see how they would sell at the Chicken Farm's First Saturday Event. I'm happy to say, they did...sell.

Even happier to report that the 'One Size Fits All' design was thought to be ingenious! How does that work, you asked? It's all in the 'Apron Strings'! If I tell you...then I'd have to...well you know, and I'd rather sell you one.

The next batch, hot off my design board and Janome sewing machine, will be a mix of T-Towel Whites and Cotton Solid Bright Colors for Spring in hopes March will march into April by leaps and bounds instead of inches.


Joanne said...

leaps and bounds and bright colors. Your aprons say SPRING!!! SPROING!!! fun

A Colorful World said...

Love your needlework! Hope the daffodils appear soon!

Annesphamily said...

Your aprons are priceless! I really love the ones I have found in thrift stores and the two my friend Barb made me. They are so special. The weather has been wacky to say the very least. LOL! LOL! LOL! Hot, cold, cold, snow, you name we get it here in Colorado! I think Spring has to arrive sometime. We have had 60 degree weather for a few days. Hate to get use to it because than here comes the snow! Enjoy your week!

Wendy said...

My daffodils always bloom too early but not this year.

LOVING that apron!


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