AJ Lauer Introduces Sue and Dolly

Have you noticed the Owl Be Watchin' Badge on my Sidebar?
Do you know what a Minion is?
I didn't the first year I participated in the AtoZ April Challenge!
I do know now! 
 I am one...with 'One Goggled Eye' on the AtoZ Challenge during the month of April.
 AJ Lauer, Team Leader and Co-Host for the Challenge, begins the introduction
of her team of wHooligans...with Me.
Would you like to know my answer to this question asked by Barbara in Caneyhead?
Have you ever been to Texas and if so, what part?
Really, have I ever been to Texas!
Read my answer on AJ's Blog post


Pondside said...

Well Sue I'd have to answer 'no' to those questions so I think I'd better head over to that blog to find the answers!

Liz said...

You don't look much like a hooligan, you look like a beautiful lady with a very cute doggie! :-)

Wendy said...

It's funny, Sue -- I don't remember being aware of minions until last year. I know you will raise minionhood to a new level. Have fun with it!

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Yeah, well, I still enjoyed your answer to the question. And I'm a minion too!
Life & Faith in Caneyhead
I am Ensign B ~ One of Tremp's Troops with the
A to Z Challenge

Joanne said...

excellent minion force..
. Texas? Where's that? I thought we gave it back to Mexico
happy weekend

Nicole said...

The dog is so cute! I love the background image on your blog as well as the ways you incorporated the A-Z into your heading. AJ is lucky to have you as her wHooligan. Aside from a layover in Dallas once, I haven't spent much time in Texas....yet.

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