'BackInTheDay' Buttons and Birthdays

Remember when a calendar was just a calendar...like when one day was pretty much like the one before.  When the months you paid the most attention to were June, July and August because school was out for the summer.  Not that you cared what day it was or marked them off on the calendar like in the month of May. 
Remember when your Mom hung the freebie calendar from the local 'Grocery Store' somewhere in the kitchen...usually near the door where you stood barefoot tall with a pencil pressed against the top of your head to make the line.  My Mom always said, "Sue, for Pete's Sake, stand up straight".  I was TALL and SKINNY and not always happy to be so.  Sometimes the tallness number was written on the calendar, but for sure it was recorded right there on wall beside the pencil mark for measuring how much TALLER I was than the JANUARY before.  That was about the only time I paid much attention to Calendars....until I became a 'January Collector'.
Now, whenever I see a 'January Calendar' I add it to my collection.  It just so happened the 1955 January calendar was displayed in a bin of buttons.  Could not be better for closing out this months Button Binge posting.  Not that I am done with Buttons, you understand.

The Button Bins will continue to repurpose into Button Jewelry and be incorporated in with the Vintage to Vogue Jewelry making...like this one.

I do not remember wearing JEWELRY BackInTheDay, yet here I am in 1955 wearing a leaning to the left Medallion Necklace and a shoved up the arm Bangle Bracelet.  I can just hear my Mom saying, "Sue, for Pete's Sake, stand up straight, you are slumping to the left, again."  That explains the leaning left necklace.  As for the bangle bracelet...it would have been a saddle oxford ornament had it not been pushed up nearly to my elbow.
On my Birthday...January 20, 1955...I was 8 years old.
Told you I was TALL and SKINNY!!!

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Joanne said...

tall and LEAN and able to carry off wearing dramatic jewelry. It's all how you spin it


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