Button Market Crash Prompts New Strategy

Obviously my past marketing strategy was a bust.  I mean, who could pass up a package of buttons worth $20 for the absolutely final markdown of $4?  Not me!

That's why I pulled 'Buttons' out of my 'Junktique Booth'...I couldn't give them away!  That was several years ago, and now as I am gearing up to get back into the Junktique Booth business, I am re-evaluating my 'Button Marketing' strategy.

I started with trashing the old plan...literally!  The trash basket is full of old cards and bygone bargins!  'Old School' marketing just won't cut it in today's 'E'commerce and Social Media markets...yes, even on the Social Media Sites, you can panhandle just about anything...why not Buttons!

Did you know there are Button Market Analyst out there who for a price will 'give your marketing strategy a good shake-up and an injection of fresh energy'?

Before I check into that further and consider their 'Button Bright Ideas', I better rescue that $4.25 gray button, MADE IN ITALY from the TRASH!

Might be a good idea to hang on to those stripped of their buttons CARDS from JAPAN, SPAIN, GERMANY and HOLLAND.  The cards are probably worth more than the buttons they held.

My New 'Button Bright Idea' Marketing Strategy?
Declaring them ART!
By Famous Artist from
ITALY....Toulouse LeChic
 SPAIN...Pablo LaMode
GERMANY...Ernst Streamline
HOLLAND...Vincent VanBuTon
That should 'ShakeEmUp'....I Am So Energized!


Joanne said...

art flair will capture sales and imagination. I'm guessing the German buttons popped from World cup pride. Throw in sport art angle and you are golden.

It shall be fun to watch as your business emerges

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. love buttons - but I'm about to give mine to the Nursing Centre to use somehow ..

But I know creative people really can make amazing things out of these wonderful looking buttons and cards ... good luck with your ideas ...

Cheers Hilary

Wendy said...

A Button Analyst? You can make a living as a button analyst? Do children ever say, "When I grow up, I want to be a button analyst"? You're the artist -- go forth and create!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...



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