Seeking Summer Shade In Texas

You know it's too hot to trot when the 'Sundial' is seeking 'Shade'.
Texas has two seasons 'Summer and Winter', and sometimes they happen in the same week.
Although it's hotter than a pistol most July 4th weekends,  this summer has been tolerable.
Except for our garden squash and okra.  It's a 'Shade Seeker' in the late afternoon.
Look at that squash plant!  We grow em' Bigger in Texas, and about the heat...
Texans are always glad when it's finally hot enough to complain about how hot it is.
A lot of folks come to Texas for the climate...and rightly so. 
We Texans are always adapting to our  weather.
When it finally rains...we rejoice, pray for more and fill our rain barrels.
When it's hot we 'Seek Shade'.
When the wind blows, we build 'Windmills' on the mesas and....
Fly Kites!
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  1. Hi Sue,

    You had me chuckling as I read your post. We lived for one year in Texas, and I remember that summer/winter! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Oh your squash looks MIGHTY HEALTHY. Those summers really do wonders for your flowers. I remember a wedding there years ago we went to and it was 108 on a July afternoon. Looks like (grandson?) having fun!!

  3. wasn't feeling too blue this Monday - came off such a nice weekend. We have lucked out this summer, but the hair dryer effect is moving in. aaah - wind chimes. aaah - hot air. Our pool is still cool, but I get sad when it is 90 - more like a spa. Your veggie plants are kicking butt!

  4. You're kinder to your garden than I am. I'd be too hot to put up a tarp.


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