2020 AtoZ...Letter I...Indecision

I often refer to my Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary to make sure I'm using a word appropriately.  Sure enough 'Indecision' in 1971 was spot on for my state of indecisiveness today...49 years later.

Indecision - a wavering between two or more courses of action.

If only it were just two courses of action.  For me it's always  more because of my 'OverDoSueness' and the tendency to bite off more than I can chew.  Don't you just love clichés?

Here's one that goes way back with me...thank you parents...Finish what you start!   Then there is...It is possible to spread oneself too thin.  And, the kicker...choose wisely! 
Life is change. 
Growth is optional. 
Choose wisely.
My oh my how life has changed in the last few months.  All of a sudden my husband and I are in the 'At Risk' age group and strongly urged/ordered to 'Stay Home' and for me...'Work from Home'.  No problem, I have a Home Studio and love the work I do. 
It just so happens that the work I do is desperately needed for my Family, Friends and Community.
My course of action?
Make Masks!
Thank you to all who have visited  my A through I posts.


  1. Great mask. I like the Rosie the Sewer you have.

  2. I salute you, Mask Maker!

  3. Pretty nice masks. Staying at wasn't a big deal for me either except now if I want to make a quick trip to the quilt shop I can't. It's kinda like a diet. You can take or leave potatoes until you're told you can't have them and now you crave them. LOL
    Stay safe and healthy


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