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Letter F...Finger Painting on Phone

Remember using your finger to smear paint on paper?  Remember coloring books and crayons?  Remember paint by number?  Remember your first, second, third, fourth, fifth and on and on generation cell phones?  Believe me when I say...'They have come along way in the arts of Finger Painting, Color Books, and Paint by Number.  My Artsy Android has an App for that!
I choose a Digital Dragonfly as opposed to the Dragonfly Doodle done on 'Letter D Hard Copy'...for demonstrating the Android App 'Color Book'.  After downloading from Google Play, opening the first page, and selecting from the library, the picture loads and looks like far left phone example. 
Numbered Color dots match numbers in graphic and with a finger touch to enlarge, the numbers appear in the picture...center phone example.  By finger touching all the grayed numbered areas to the colored dot number the areas color fill and the colored dot vanishes.  Continue swiping through the Color Dots, enlarging the screen, and finger painting until all the color dots have vanished.
Once done you have options to Save and Share.  By finger touching through a few hoops on my phone, I was able to Save to my PC in order to share with you this larger and color enhanced finished 'Digital Dragonfly Finger Painting'.
And a few more from my Finger Painting Album!
Who says Finger Painting is only for Kindergarteners!

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Pretty finger paintings


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