2020 AtoZ...Letter D...Off the Top of My Head

Letter D...Dragonfly Doodling
      Doodling has come a long way since the days of drawing around your hand and filling in the spaces with painted nails and peace symbol rings.  In my 1976 Websters it defines doodling as aimless scribbling.  Today it is touted as Therapy.  According to an article in Psychology Today doodling is helpful in memory retention.  Boy, is that a 'Doodle Drawing' card for anyone working on trying to remember where they put their keys or walking into a room for something specific and once there can't remember what it was.
     I liked the articles speculative theory that doodlers did better than non-doodlers while talking on the phone.  You know...aimless scribbling and taking notes of names, numbers, etc..  Seems doodlers are sufficiently engaged in the moment and able to pay attention to the yakety yak yaker...in other words doodlers are 'not spacing out', but at least somewhat  in the moment. 
     I have always been a 'Doodler'.  Was hooked right from the first hand drawing with kindergarten squiggle lines and circles to a teen phone book filled with boyfriend names and curlique hearts. 
      It continued through boring college lectures to teaching Middle Schoolers the Art of Doodling.  And yes, they too started by drawing around their hand.
      Now that I'm a Senior Citizen I think it's interesting that doodling has emerged as an Art Therapy specifically for calming the mind and relieve stress.  Wow, that's a good idea for teaching Middle Schoolers.
    Now, about Dragonfly Doodling.  I bought the  Entangled Dragonfies Coloring Book  because I love to color and have a pot full of colored pencils...and I am a Dragonfly lady/collector. 
    Who could resist their caption, "Imagine a warm summer day as you choose your colors for this inspired-by-nature collection"!
     Oh, did mention...these pages are for the experienced colorist and the more than 30 illustrations provide limitless possibilities for experimentation?!!!
Decisions...So Stressful!!!
Should I finish the less busy page 1?
I'm so over page 2, but there's that "Finish what you start" thingy!
Maybe I'll start page 3...when I'm on the phone with a YaketyYaker!


  1. These pages look promising! The #1 is very easy in my opinion, #2 is much more exciting, and the #3 is... wow! I don't know what you will choose to do, but I would start by the #3 ;D

  2. Call me old fashioned, but doodling is different than coloring. Doodling doesn't have lines within which to color, like coloring does. I love adult coloring books. I used to doodle all the time, just making lines that didn't have meanings, just shapes, and sometimes big blobs...usually on the phone. Can't prop a phone on my shoulder with these tiny flat things though! Enjoy your art, whatever you call it, it's a great non-thinking thing to do.

  3. So pretty, Sue! I love coloring too. These are some pretty detailed pages.

    Janet’s Smiles


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