My Signs of The Time

But do you really, Sue?  That is the looming (pun intended) question as I move Sue's Fiber Arts Studio from The Chicken Farm Art Center to my Home Studio Two...formerly the garage.  This sign has gotten lots of LOL's in my Chicken Farm Shop, but now it makes me feel a bit overwhelmed.  You see...this is just the Weaving Yarns.  Home Studio One is overflowing with knitting, crochet and other needle works yarn.  With the closing of the Shop my outlet for Sales of yarn and all the yarn items I make is gone, and I'm not sure how well Online Shopping of my wares will work.
As I mentioned, Home Studio Two is mostly a Weaving work space.  I'm making the most of the space and still have storage areas....it was and still is a storage space for stuff.  Thank goodness for curtains and sheets that block all that stuff from sight.  Sparrow...floor loom...is ready for a new warp and next weaving project.  I'm looking for inspiration...it make take awhile.
Setting up a Home Studio always requires a place for doing business...whether much business is going to happen or not.  It just feels better.  Then there is work space for other things as well.
Guess I best get to Work!


  1. You sound very positive about the changes in your life/work. I'm looking forward to what you decide to do next! Create away!

  2. Maybe you can do a pop-up shop when this is all over. You set everything up nicely. I wish my craft area looked that nice (much smaller space, so all crammed in).



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