AtoZ 2019...Oh My 'O' Words & Photos

For AtoZ 2019, Word Prompts come first from 'Family Word Finder' ...
a thesaurus of synonyms and antonyms in alphabetical order. 
I take the first word and the last word of each letter and match it to a
photograph from my collection/files. 
Some invoke words in a story and others invoke that age old adage
"A picture is worth a thousand words."
First 'O' Word Prompt...Oaf   
     Seriously, this is from a photo file labeled 'PhotoShoot Extreme Junkin'.  Sometimes I am such a ninny, nitwit, and numskull to think I'd ever have a need to portray what looks like a simpleton, clod, ignoramus or half-wit
     I usually point my camera at subjects that portray the antonyms of ignoramus' like genius, intellectual, pundit, sage, and guru.  And, to my credit, I would never call this poor Oaf a MANEATER!
Last 'O' Word Prompt...Own
My apologies Hall & Oates...I will Own up to being a Bonehead!


  1. LOL That's a good one. Maneater is one of my favorite H & O songs.

    Janet’s Smiles

  2. Oaf can sure make one smile.
    Coffee is on

  3. How did I miss this yesterday? Hilarious!

  4. This was making me laugh out loud and smile more! xo


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