AtoZ 2019...Oh My 'C' Words & Photos

I am a 'Prompt Me' writer and photographer. 
 Give me a prompt and it's off to the writing races or photo shoot!
For AtoZ 2019, Word Prompts come first from 'Family Word Finder' ... a thesaurus of synonyms and antonyms in alphabetical order.  I take the first word and the last word of each letter and match it to a photograph from my collection/files.  Some invoke words in a story and others invoke that age old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words."

     Cab is a shortened form of cabriolet, a light one-horse carriage, like this one, now permanently parked on the porch of the Annie Riggs Museum.  Back in the 1800's most folks called it a one horse buggy.  I don't often pose for pictures at museums, but this one was a significant source in breaking down a 'Brick Wall' in my Genealogy Research. 
     Before it was a museum, the Annie Riggs was a hotel and boarding house that was a central part of Fort Stockton's wild west history.  (check out the link)  Today, the Museum is under the care of The Fort Stockton Historical Society, of which I was a Board Member while living in Fort Stockton.
      Imagine my surprise when I learned my great grandparents had once stayed at the hotel and perhaps had taken a 'Cab' from the hotel to the doctors office.  Curious?  Here's how it happened on 
August 23, 1918
     Mrs. G.W. Pittman, of Grandfalls, who only recently had come here for medical treatment, died very suddenly from organic heart trouble, at the Riggs Hotel, Saturday evening August 16th.
      The remains were prepared for burial by Undertaker W.H. Bird, after which they were taken to Grandfalls, Sunday afternoon and interred in the cemetery at that place. 
     The funeral services were conducted by Reverand M.O. Williams, pastor of the Methodist Church, of which church the deceased was a devoted member.
     A husband and two children, who reside in Grandfalls, are left to mourn her loss.

Are you up on Russian history?  If so you know that a Czar of Russia was overthrown in 1917.  Czar encompasses a number of synonyms like emperor, monarch, and king to name a few.  Let's go with 'King' for these photos from my files on farming and farm machines.  Click to enlarge the photo and notice the logo on the 'Cotton Picker' machine.  One 'King of Cotton' wears a crown and the other...a Texas Ball Cap.


  1. i bet that cabriolet ride is a tad bumpy. Even for a King of Cotton Czar

  2. I think you've blogged about that obit before? It's a wonderful thing, being able to trace your genealogy (thanks to World War II, part of my genealogy will be forever lost, alas). You've added to my vocabulary today. By the way, I can't ignore the robot box. Sigh....

  3. I didn’t know the word “cab” reached so far back in history to the buggy. Now I wonder how it came to be attached to “taxi.”


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