AtoZ 2019...Oh My 'M' Words & Photos

For AtoZ 2019, Word Prompts come first from 'Family Word Finder' ...
a thesaurus of synonyms and antonyms in alphabetical order. 
I take the first word and the last word of each letter and match it to a
photograph from my collection/files. 
Some invoke words in a story and others invoke that age old adage
"A picture is worth a thousand words."
 First 'M' Word Prompt...Macabre
Gruesome, grim, ghastly, horrible, frightful, frightening,
horrid, dreadful, horrific, and just plain weird!
 The things we do to entertain our grandkids on Halloween!
Last 'M' Word Prompt...Mystical
     In many of my Weavings and other Fiber Art works, fetishes are used as embellishments and symbols.  American Indians have used fetishes throughout recorded history.  They are believed to hold magical powers of protection from problems of mind and body.  Some believe their 'Mystical' powers can even protect against problems of the universe.
     The Zuni Bear carved from turquoise is known as a Guardian of the West.  It is associated with great strength, power, healing and self-knowledge.  The 'sacred bear' is a spiritual guide and carries within him supernatural powers.
Zuni Indians believe in the six cardinal guardian fetishes.  Each guardian fetish guards one of the six directions:  Mountain Lion...guardian of the North;  Badger...guardian of the South;  Bear...guardian of the West;  Wolf...guardian of the East;  Mole...guardian of the inner Earth and Eagle...guardian of the Sky. (PuebloDirect.com-Zuni Fetish Meanings)


  1. good opposite words and great pics

    1. Thanks, sometimes in the hunt for photos to match a word I get it just right. Mystical, huh?

  2. I would be drawn to the colors and patterns and texture while viewing the fetish as just another decorative THING. Knowing its significance certainly adds to the charm, but I doubt I would have even thought it had any significance. Do artisans include a card that tells the story?

    1. Many Artisans create Art that tells a story or are guided by, let's say 'a spiritual entity/philosophy'. I don't doubt that happens and when and if it does, it gives the artist, galleries, and buyers an enriching piece of art...pun intended! I'm with you...drawn to color, pattern, texture and decorative charm. When there is a significant story...like the Bear Fetish and Silver Concho...I give a hint of it through the name of the piece, and let the viewer find and interpret what it means to them. This one is called "Concho Collection", and there are several more significant pieces woven into the piece. Good thought, tho....I may add a card about the Zuni Bear Fetish...which I bought many years ago at a Zuni Reservation in New Mexico. Probably need to double the price, too! LOL!!!

  3. You should, uh, maybe get someone to look at that hand...
    That's a great one!

    Happy A-Z'ing

  4. That's a pretty wall hanging. I wouldn't have thought there was any significance to the pieces added to it. Glad to know about that, I'll remember that next time I see something like it.

    1. Thank you Laura. Art is in the 'Eye of the Beholder'...as well as the one behind the creation of it.

  5. OH I am in awe of the talents needed to create such a lovely piece of art. The textures and colors are perfectly blended. THank you for sharing. HUGS



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