AtoZ 2019...Oh My 'J' Words & Photos

For AtoZ 2019, Word Prompts from 'Family Word Finder' ...
a thesaurus of synonyms and antonyms in alphabetical order. 
I take the first word and the last word of each letter and match it to a
photograph from my collection/files. 
Some invoke more words, and others invoke that age old adage
"A picture is worth a thousand words."
First 'J' Word Prompt...Jab
As a gardener,  I've had a good deal of experience with tools used to jab, poke, dig, and stab holes in the ground.  Understand, that breaking ground in Texas often takes some heavy duty tools like a jackhammer.  Once the ground is broken up, the boulders removed, the clods are crushed, peat moss added...only then is the older than dirt dirt ready for a jab of the pitch fork.  I love gardening!
Especially when I have a helper.
Last 'J' Word Prompt...Junk
 Usually when I go junkin' I get really excited to see what treasures I can find in other peoples junk/trash...you know that 'Trash to Treasure' thingy.  NOT this time!!!


  1. and J for jabbering Joanne.....just sayin'

    1. Yes, it is, and always with good jabs to share. Loved your 'J' post today...just sayin' so here since I couldn't on your blog!

  2. I remember, from my long ago few months living in Wichita Falls, that super hard red clay soil. Ouch!

  3. Looks like you had a very good helper in your garden. Must have been a fun time!

  4. I have those gloves! In fact, I need to do some jabbing in my yard but (thankfully) it is going to storm and rain all day. Good-bye, pollen!


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