Christmas In July...I Mean January

Yes, I know this is not the prime time of the year to be selling Christmas Fabrics.  As a former quilt shop owner, I should know the best time starts in JULY.  You have heard of Christmas in July, right?  For quilters and other Christmas sewing folks, starting in July gives one months to finish by December.  Also, as a former shop owner, I know that many fabric designers and mills seldom run second editions of Christmas fabrics.  That is what I am counting on to sell these last 5 bolts of Christmas fabric.  They ain't makin' it anymore.

Here's my listing on Facebook's Sew It's For Sale.
Quilt Shop Quality Christmas Fabrics...Michael Miller, Moda, Timeless Treasures, Woodrow of London
San Angelo, TX
Posted on Photos...Price per yard. Number yards available. Minimum of 1 yd. Plus shipping (will ship least expensive in USA only) PayPal only. From Fabric&Fiber Studio (no pets-smoke). Purchase notification in comment under photo w/ #yards, email for invoice payable within 24 hrs. PM with additional questions. Thanks!
Timeless Treasure 'Partridge' 8" repeat, 44", 13yds available...$8 yd.
Michael Miller 'Wonderland' 8 1/4 repeat, 44", 6 yds available...$8 yd.
Moda 'Pieces From My Heart' 44", 2 colors-cream & winter green,
5yds available of EACH, $7 yd.
Woodrow Studios of London 'Christmas Affair', 44", 8 yds available, $6 yd.
I joined this group a week or so ago, and have been watching the listings on everything from applique to zippers.  Since I have some of all that AtoZ stuff...I decided to try my luck at Stash Busting.  These Christmas fabrics are my first listing. 
To my readers from Quilter Blogger!!!
If you are interested in getting a head start on Christmas In July and would like to purchase any of these Christmas Fabrics, please leave a comment on this post or email me at collectintexas@gmail.com


Joanne said...

hope they find a worthy home

Sue McPeak said...

Me too, Joanne. They have one now, but I'm ready for them to go to a new home.


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