AtoZ Letter X & Y~ XOXO's From 1960's Yearbook...Part II

HEADLINE...First Female Elected President
The funny thing about being President is how it affected the rest of my life's interest in all things Presidental...including Politics.  First, my Presidential History list includes George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Lady Bird and The George Bushes.  Secondly, I never got or could follow Roberts Rules of Order and was more interested in banging the Gavel to END the meeting so we could get on with refreshments.  And finally, if ever you want to talk Politics with me, get ready for the most Politically Incorrect conversation you have ever had. 

Apparently my cabinet of fellow officers were not all that impressed with my leadership skills as Class President.  Not a one of them mentioned my high office in their XOXO comments...
~Vice President Luisa wrote...To a very sweet and cute girl which I have enjoyed being in the same room with.  Lots of Luck Always.
I don't know what I wrote in Luisa's book, but I hope I returned the 'sweet girl' and added how much I admired her brain....she was smart and without her...Roberts Rules would have gone right out the window.
~Secretary Treasure Nancy wrote...Dear Sue,  I would like to tell you what a sweet girl you have been.  We have had loads of fun this year.  Remember all those mean things we've done.
Did you notice that Nancy said she would like to tell me what a sweet girl I was, but in the next sentence reminded me about all the mean things I'd done?  At least she said we had fun!

Yearbook signing was a big deal in our small school where everyone from 1st Grade to 12th Grade was included in the Yearbook. 

Signing another's yearbook could take an hour or a couple of minutes, depending on how many times your picture was in the book and how much space was reserved for you as a VIP friend. 

Since I shared a book with my two siblings, space for XOXO's was limited to To a real sweet girl...Stay cute as you are...Best of Luck Always and right under that good wish my brother's XOXO message...NO LUCK, Tommy.  With that in mind, I chose this overly autographed basketball team photo to show why you should...
Be careful of the words you say.
Try and keep them clean and sweet.
For you never know from day to day
Which ones you will have to eat!

You will notice that everyone who personally autographed their picture did so in 'Blue Ink' which was the accepted color to use.  The names in 'Red Ink' are all my handwriting.  It was my way of denoting which girls were 8th graders..blue.. and which ones were 7th graders...red.  As I look at this photo now, I am glad I put names to faces...otherwise I might not have remembered their names today.
Oh, I guess you would like to know why Deanna has a Big Red X on her face?
We swapped words that were not clean and sweet.
We met in Sunbeam Grocery's alley that day.
I was tall and skinny.  She was not.
We fought!
Basically, it was a draw, but I have to say
A mouthful of dirt was not fun to eat!
To a real sweet girl who I think a lot of.  Love ya, Deanna
(I think she must have forgot)


Joanne said...

Oh those times - I re-read old comments and so many were fake sincere - like we'd stay in touch forever. Um, nope. Great Part II of X & Y.

Sue McPeak said...

Yeah, what can you say in a small space and know you are suppose to write something nice....except my brother...LOL! He's probably rolling his eyes reading all my posts. Funny though about small towns...many of my classmates are still friends and acquaintances today. It's surprising how many stay in or close to where we were raised. Tons of us are Facebook Friends on our School Exes Site.

Tasha Duncan-Drake said...

I only really have one school photo and it's of the whole school. I must look it out so I can feel all nostalgic :)
Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

Ann said...

I really love reading comments in my yearbooks. It's mind blowing how people change over the years!. Our 50th reunion should be this year, but I haven't received any word yet.

Sue McPeak said...

It certainly will make one feel nostalgic. For me, it has brought back so many memories I had forgotten....kind of like Deanna forgetting she called me a bunch of not nice names. LOL!!!

Sue McPeak said...

It is 'mind blowing' when the messages are from people you still know today. I am going to have to get on Facebook and remind some of my lifetime friends of what they said back when. I bet they have forgotten, too. We had our 50th Reunion last October. It was GREAT. Hope yours is as well.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue - you've got some great memories here in the Year books .. fun to see them ... cheers Hilary

JazzFeathers said...

Another good one. I love the team photos. Those are the most treasured, I think :-)


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