AtoZ Letter X & Y~ XOXO's From 1960's Yearbooks...Part I.

Almost as priceless as Mother's Shoebox Album and my Scrapbooks...are five school Yearbooks from 1960-1964. In a way, I am surprised not to find a receipt for them among Mother's papers.  They would have been an added expense to a very tight pay check to pay check budget.

Which was why the 'Three of Us' shared a Yearbook.  Shared the 'Autograph' pages.  Shared the photos, and the XOXO messages and signatures of our teachers and friends.

Tommy...Even though you are full of energy and you are usually in some sort of meanness, it has really been a pleasure for me to have you in class and athletics.  Keep that fire and energy but learn to control it.  Best of Luck to a really swell "little" guy...(like me...little, I mean, not swell).  Sincerely, Coach Reeves

To the runt of the football team.  Luck Always.  Willard

To one of my very best friends.  Joe

Tommy...It has been a swell experience knowing and working with a guy like you.  You're mean but I love you!  Wish you were my little brother.  Be nice and remember me.   Love, Doris

To a pretty tough football player.  Coach Moore

To a good friend and a good classmate.  Sammy

After reading a few of the XOXO messages from Tommy's page, you have probably guessed he was a pretty tough kid.  Unlike his year older, long legged, taller than all the boys sister...me...Tommy's growth spurt didn't happen until after he graduated from high school.  Back in the day he was known as 'Rough House'...today he is a grandfather and great grandfather of a passel of little 'Rough House' boys.  That mean look on #15's face...that was just for the picture...he's really is a 'Swell' guy and I'm glad he is my brother, but back in the day I would have gladly granted Doris' wish!

Sonja 'Monya' ...Won't ever forget my 'spark plug'.  It's been great fun this year.  Hope you will remember the 3rd grade with a little love.
Love you,
Mrs. Stillwell

Dear Sonja...You are a very sweet girl.  You are nice and polite.  Your friend, Donna

If I had a room full of girls as sweet as you it would be wonderful.  Love, Mrs. Stubblefield

Dear Sonja...You have been a great friend these last 9 months.  You have been nice to me.  Cindy

Sonja, you are a very nice girl.  Listen, Freddy wants your neclise and I can not help it if you are mad...sorry.  Lots of Love , Tranisha

Hi Sonja,  To a very sweet sister who I get very mad at times, but really LOVE all the time.  I know you will be a good basketball player and win Jr.High another trophy.  Love, Sue

After reading Sonja's XOXO messages, I am sure you can see how she was selected 'Class Favorite'.  What a cute girl, fun friend, and sweet sister.   My prediction of her becoming a good basketball player was close, but in the wrong sport.  Sonja became our 4-A high School's First Player ever to be named to the Texas University Interscholastic Leagues All State Volleyball Team.  She went on to be a highly regarded Collegiate player at Texas Tech University and then the Head Coach at a Class 5-A High School in West Texas.  Although she was known as the VB Court Barbie Doll, she was a fierce competitor, respected by her opponents and just like in the third grade...everyone's  'Class Favorite'.

XOXO's From 1960 Yearbooks...Part II
Sue's XOXO Yearbook Messages


bookworm said...

Thank you for sharing these memories today and earlier this month - I was an only child and never had to share a yearbook with anyone. This is so sweet, though - and makes me want to know more about the lives of Tommy's two friends who have passed on. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

It's actually kind a of sweet and more special that you shared the same yearbooks!
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PymaGirl said...

Enjoyed your post immensely! I, too, grew up in the 50's and 60's. It brought back many fond memories.

Wendy said...

So who got custody of the yearbook? I guess you. Clever combination of X and Y!

Joanne said...

you siblings have to stick together. That's funny that your mom wouldn't spring for separate books, but my mom would have probably been the same. Fun memories for all of you. Great X and Y combo

bj said...

Siblings have to share and share alike. :)
Great post...
I'm a little older than you...my year books are from early 50's...so fun to go back thru and see things I'd forgotten...

Sue McPeak said...

Being an only child is a gift to your parents, who for whatever reasons, have been blessed to have one child. I know, I am a blessed mother of one. Yes, I am so thankful for my siblings and know that each of us were a gift to our parents, too. Because I have siblings and my husband did as well, our only child has a bunch of close cousins, aunts and uncles. I can tell you are a thoughtful and sharing only child by your comment to know more about my brother's friends. Thank you for being a part of my AtoZ Family experience.

Sue McPeak said...

I think it is very special to have shared the many things we did. As usual Mother was right when she said, "One day you will appreciate having shared with each other."

Sue McPeak said...

I'm so glad we shared some of the same memories of growing up in the 50's and 60's. Thanks for your visit and comment. I tried to visit your PymaGirl link, but it did not link to your blog. If you come back, please leave me a link so I can return your visit.

Sue McPeak said...

Your guess is right...I have all five of the books. I'm sure my brother is going to want them after reading my posts. He will want to check to be sure I told it the way it was. LOL!!!

Sue McPeak said...

Yep, we didn't have a choice, but to stick together. Sometimes it was an all out 'stick' fight. I'm so thankful they still stick with me through thick and thin...even though I have to remind them occasionally that I'm still #1 and the boss.

Sue McPeak said...

Yes, BJ, it has been fun going through the yearbooks. I found a picture that reminded me of my one and only alley cat fight. I'll be posting it tomorrow in Part II of Letters X & Y. So funny...and I had forgotten all about it. The autographs are great fun to read through, too. Thanks for stopping by.

Tasha Duncan-Drake said...

Wow, it's lovely to see so many wonderful messages from the past.
Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

Sue McPeak said...

It was fun to post the messages written to my siblings. They actually were so truthful and indicative of them both. The yearbooks are special reminders of growing up with a bunch of great kids and their families. Thanks Tasha for your many visits. I've so enjoyed all your comments.

JazzFeathers said...

That's so cool. Having these pages to read years later, must be so nice. I wish I had something like that :-)


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