AtoZ Letter W ~ What I Wore and What Ever!!!

 Really, Mother!  Where are my clothes?  I know you took this picture.  By the looks of the surroundings, it must have been a hot summer day....dead tree, dirt and weeds.  Definitely in Texas.  My next question should be obvious, but I'll ask it anyway....why am I posing in my Big Girl Panties? 

Let me guess...I couldn't hold it any longer, so I squatted behind the dead tree and wet my dress.

 I'll probably never know, but to this day I will hold it forever before squatting behind bushes and for sure not in the dirt behind a dead tree. 
I don't know what it is about parents taking pictures of their kids in their underwear, but I can promise you there will not be an updated version, or a repeat...and yes there were more in the 'Shoebox Album'.
In 1957 it is possible my Mother consulted a 'Saddler' for his opion on the ugliest, longest lasting shoes to put on a knobby knees, big foot ten year old.  (FYI...'Saddler...a saddle maker.)  My Dad knew several.

I don't know who else would have suggested 'Saddle' oxfords except maybe Tony Lama.  He custom made my Dad's boots because of the knot on the top of his foot.  Lucky me, another inherited Pittman curse. 

At least the Saddle Oxfords did not have to be laced tightly over the accursed knot. 

The same problem happened with 'Dress Shoes'.  The strap on my Mary Janes buckled right over the top of the knot.

It must have been okay when walking, but when standing still made me stand on the side of my foot.  Just look at that leg...all bowed out.  No wonder I've been prone to sprained ankles and my feet are a mess today.  Guess I'll never get to wear sexy stilettos.  There's something so not sexy about bunion bandaids and ace wrapped ankles.
I always liked wearing dresses and from the collection of photos it is apparent Mother liked dressing me in them.  She made most of my clothes and enjoyed making ruffles, using rick rack and bias tape.  Her favorite patterns were for summer dresses. 

A photo shoot usually followed the finishing of an outfit so she could send my grandmother a photo of her newest creation.  This is what she wrote on the back of the first photo, "Here's our little lady Sue in the sun dress I made."  Somehow, I doubt if she sent the second photo.  First she had her finger in the way and secondly, she may have taught me the lady like way to stand, but sitting...not so lady like! 
Yup...real lady like!
If I wasn't standing on the side of my feet, I was standing on my head!
No wonder my Dad called me 'Knot Head'


  1. Hi Sue .. I'm sure we all had pictures like this ... I think mine are long gone! How unfortunate to inherit your Dad's knot ... and standing lopsided - I know that feeling after learning that one of my leg's was an inch+ shorter than the other ... hence the other day at a tender age of many decades later ... my hip was replaced with a longer matching one! All's well there ... and now thank goodness we can find shoes that give us comfort - at least I hope you can ... loved seeing all the photos .. cheers Hilary

  2. Don't be hatin' on saddle shoes. I loved them - had black and white, brown and white, and navy and white over the years. I love your little sun dress. Sitting like a lady was too much trouble which is why I always preferred shorts. Momma made me lots of pretty things to wear but never photographed the fashion show.

  3. Saddle Oxfords were all the rage. I don't think there were many other choices, other than Mary Janes. We were very limited in our shoe choices back then.

  4. so cute and we all wore dresses back in the day to play - not good for jungle gym activities. I always had the big clunky shoes and the knobby knees. I still have to wear flats thanks to "bad feet". I liked this post a lot.

  5. Another fun read. I love looking at your old photos.
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  6. Enjoyed seeing your black and white pictures. Love seeing the styles of dress and homes.

  7. Such lovely photos. I feel your pain of not being able to wear sexy stilettos :) My parents have pictures of me and my sister in the back garden playing with towels and a bowl of water with not a stitch on - my father threatened to show them at my wedding! Luckily he valued his life ;)
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  8. Love your blog. Made me smile. Hey now don't knock those saddle oxford shoes. They were very popular when I was in middle school in around 1969. LOL

  9. So many beautiful photos! I wish my parents where as keen as your mum with photos. I've got so little of my younger years.


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