WinterWhite Blocks 1-2-3...Take A Peek!!!

Here it is time to be thinking about what to do in the New Year 2013...now that we have made it past the
 Mayan Calendar DoomsDay Drama!
I'm so glad to still be here...on Earth, in Texas and in Blogland...aren't you?
If you aren't in Texas, but in snow covered Canada, like Lee from LaLa's Lovelys, then perhaps you might want to visit Texas right now.
It's a bit cold...40ish this a.m....but no SNOW, none in sight, and no below freezing temps in the forecast....EVER.
Anyway, snow or no snow, I am happily piecing the Winter White Friendship Blocks in my NOW warm Sewing/Quilting/Knitting Etc Studio.  Since I added QuiltAntiFreeze in there, it's been nice and toasty.  Check the post below for the QuiltAntiFreeze Formula...I promise if you are a quilter in a drafty sewing room...this formula is for you.
Now, about Blocks 1-2-3!  Yep, I'm doing a Gallery of Twelve Blocks from Around The BLOCK Again by Judy Hopkins.  You might think this is an indicator that 'OverDoSue' has had an attack of  'OverDoArexia', and that's probably part of it, but mostly it has to do with my New Year's Resolution for 2013...mentioned in Winter Whites and Icy Blues In FabricLand.
Beacon Lights is the name of Blocks 1-2-3, and the three Units are ready for their quarter inch seaming together.  You'll notice in the top photo that my Janome 6500 MeanPiecingMachine has a SnapOn Quarter Inch Foot...it's ALWAYS SnappedOn.  If you don't have a Quarter Inch Piecing Foot, HERE's an alternative method for piecing a quarter inch seam. 
Beacon Lights Blocks 1-2-3 look pretty COOL COLD, don't you think?  Just wait til you see the COOL finishing touch....it's not just COOL-COLD, but Sparkly/Snowy COOL!
Lalas Lovelys


  1. Hi Sue... I'm in the Winter White block exchange too. You don't want to see how much snow we have! LOL

    I'm still busy with Christmas sewing, some going out as gifts and some being saved for next year. So I won't be starting my blocks until next week. Good for you on yours! They look beautiful!


  2. Laurie...So nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting...I've added you to the list of participants.

    Seriously, you guys in Canada have to be Quilters to survive the winter snow. I will look forward to seeing your blocks when you get started in January.

    Stay warm and come again for the next posts on our COOL exchange!

  3. Hi Sue! I'm in the exchange too, hailing from Winnipeg,Manitoba. We just went through a week of -28 celsius lows and balmy -24 highs. TOday is -12 (think I'll get my bathing suit on, it feels so warm!). Your blocks are looking lovely, I'm still debating on which block I'm going to do. Looking forward to seeing all of our blocks put together!

  4. Very pretty fabrics, I love the blue with stars:@)

  5. hi Sue...Deb in Toronto here!! thanks for the nice comment about my blog love your block and looking forward to seeing everyone else`s blog and or blocks.

  6. Well, I'm in too! Haven't got it all together yet to start sewing, but will soon! Won't take long once I get going - need to get through New Years' first (today is the first non-activity day in over a week, and tomorrow we start again!) Anyway, you'll find my blog, which has been sadly neglected this week, at http://piecefulpeg.blogspot.com.

  7. Welcome Corina and Peg...I swear Ya'll are tough ladies to live in SNOWY Canada. No wonder Ya'll are doing the Winter White Exchange...you have lots of experience with the White on White and Icy Blue!!

    So nice to meet you both. I've added you to the list, to my SideBar Stitchin' Friends, and I am a New Follower to your Blogs. I'm looking forward to seeing your Winter White Blocks....Sue

  8. I dont know how to add the little blue thingy. My blog is
    http://sewripandsewagain.blogspot.com I hope this helps.


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