The End...I'm Afraid It's a DUD

Here it is The End of the Day, The End of the Month and The End of the Year!
And I'm at The End of My Rope Spool for a post suitable for
New Years Eve and The Ends...thankfully not The Mayan End.
I've been thinking all day about what to 'Show and Tell' that would be worthy and interesting enough to make it worth your while to 'See and Read'.  You see there are a couple of things that bother me about writing an uworthy post....
....besides being a 'DUD'...that's probably going to be a given!
 I have this thing about ENDING with an UNEVEN number.
Reason #1 to write this post...The End of The Year Post Count.
Before this DUD post...171...After this DUD post...172!
Whew!  That was close for my Even/UnEven OCD.
I'm so Thankful that my FOLLOWERS List isn't infected with The Ends Virus!
I don't know how or where I'd get ONE more Follower at this late hour on this
End of the Day-End of the Month-End of the Year New Years Eve!
At The End of The Day, I finished quilting this Lone Star.  I promised I'd have it done before The End of the Year....another Whew!!!
In case you are wondering about the first photo in this End of All Endings Post...it's
The End Clamp at The End of QuiltALottie.
(Now I'm getting desperate and totally unworthy)

 I don't want you to think that I THINK New Years Eve is 'All About The ENDS',
 so I will END with a BEGINNING of the END of the FIRST four
Winter White Friendship Exchange Blocks
which are really for the FIRST of The New Year...at least the FIRST month...January!
OMG...I bet you can hardly wait for this LAST End of the Year Post to End.
Just one more thing...
PS...If you are reading this and not a Follower, I would really appreciate NOT ENDING 2012 with an UnEven Number of Followers.  Thanks.  I will check just before midnight.  Again, Happy New Year!!!
PPS...Never mind about the UnEven Followers Number...unless of course you just want to be a Follower.  I can't win for losin' in The END....take a look at The End of the Months Count now that I've EVENed Up The End of The Year!  I'm so ready for the RollOver to 2013.


  1. Hello Sue,I can't go to bed without wishing you a wonderful 2013. Your post is a hoot as always. Your posts are NEVER a DUD!!! I wish I could come over more often. I am hoping for a slow down this winter so I can visit more.

    We arrived home after Christmas from our trip to Europe. We had a wonderful time. The sights were amazing and we would love to go again. A different place though. It is good to be home where our heart is just the same. We loved our trip and we are hooked. Smile.

    We quietly celebrated the New Year but tomorrow my sisters and NC family will be here for dinner. A small crowd of 15. Fun times.

    Blessings, Love and Happy New Year Wishes.

  2. Your talent for quilt making amazes me, they are just gorgeous.

    Happy New Year

  3. Sue there are never any duds with you !
    Wishing you a blessed and wonderful new year.

  4. Happy New Year. Love the quilt and the winter blocks. May 2013 bless you with peace and joy.

  5. What a beautiful Lone Star quilt! The bold colors are terrific. Someday....someday....I'd really like to make one.
    By the way, great post! No "duds" here :)

    Wishing you a wonderful 2013!

  6. Beautiful work. Great job finishing. I am still working on a project. I am spending more time with the seam ripper than actually quiliting. One of those Grrrr days. It'll be beautiful when done! Can't wait to see the finished Blue. Have a great New Year.

  7. You DO realize that it is now an uneven year, and you will have to end everything in uneven numbers instead of even numbers. ;)


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