Scrap Quilts Make The Best Anti-Freeze

 It is FINALLY Cold in Texas and in my Studio!
I've given up trying to figure out Texas Mother Nature. 
One day I'm running the AC and the next the Heaters in the Sewing/Quilting/Knitting/Etc. Studio.
By the way, in case I haven't mentioned it before, my SQKetcStudio is in the Garage.
That means that those Big Ole NotSoAirTight Doors need Winterizing!
Scrap Quilts and Scrap Bags....that's the AntiFreeze Ticket!
(another use for batting and fleece scraps...just bag it and stuff it in the cracks)
Even though I lose the light from the garage door windows where QuiltALottie resides,
I still have a window by the cutting table and the Sit and Knit Corner.

An unexpected BONUS of Scrap Quilt Anti-Freeze!


  1. I do the same thing, every winter I pull out all of my throws and put them over the windows, I lose light but at least I'm not freezing. When we lived in PA, I nailed quilts to the walls by the bed because the walls were so cold!

  2. oooo....I want to just come on in & sit down & visit! I LOVE being surrounded by quilts!

  3. Looks lovely, don't freeze! We had -5 today with a fall of snow.
    Is that a quilting machine I see.
    In the olden days in Norway they used voven textiles on the walls to retain heat.


  4. Love a good quilt and adore your post title.

    Badger fleece throws make good anti-freeze too!

  5. I love your workspace! Warm and pretty!
    Sitting under a quilt-in-progess is another great way to stay comfy :)


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