'R' Is for 'RunRightOver'

It is NO Secret that I am sometimes Directionally Challenged.
It's the main reason I couldn't get hired on at the local CHEVRON Gas Station,
that and the smell of gasoline made me puke!
They (being HiHoney (husband) and his Brother David...owners of said Station) wouldn't even let me be a
window washer or cashier for fear that someone would ask me for directions.
If only I had these nifty directional pins back then.
Now that I think about it, I probably did....have them...just didn't realize what they were for. You see,  they were a Door Prize and such a surprise that I immediately put them away for using on something extra special.  I mean look at that neat box and the pins were wrapped in cellophane and the whole thing was well.....just too fancy and new fangled.  There, I've admitted my fear of the 'New Fangled' anythings!  
Whew, I feel better.  I bet you had no idea this post would turn out to be QuiltPsycho101. 
There's THREE reasons why I am finally getting them out to use.
#1.  New Years Resolution...Use It or Lose It
Yep, in 2013 there will be no more PackRatting of Fabric and Notion Stashes.
There will be MORE Embroidery Machine and Serger Useage.
#2.  The Winter White Friendship Exchange IS an Extra Special Event.
...just justifying...
#3.  I've gotten over Fancy New Fangled Fear.
And, I had to figure out what these Arrowed-Lettered Pins had to do with Quilting! 
At first I thought the 'R' stood for 'RunRightOver'.
I mean, have you ever seen a skinner pin that you could sew right over and not break a needle?
Then I noticed that the ARROW was pointing to the RIGHT.
OMG...the 'L' Arrow points LEFT.
Eureka...the 'D' is pointing DOWN and the 'U'...how obvious, Sue!
 See, I told you I was Directionally Challenged!
 Ya know, it's amazing how getting over Fancy NewFangled Fear has helped in the
piecing of these Beacon Light Blocks for the
Winter White Friendship Exchange.
You might want to RunRightOver them, too!


  1. Funny funny... I know that Fon`s and Porter had them on sale and also connecting threads.

    Iam not so directionally challenge due to years of piecing imagine if they had a GPS for quilting! remember the yardage calculator for quilters..LOL

  2. Yep, Debra, a GPS for Quilters...that would be a REALLY BIG NewFangledFear for me. LOL!!! I'll just use my 'U'Pin to direct me to Canada when I'm looking for you and the other Canadian Gals in this exchange. I'll probably need to put one on the envelope for our Texas Mailman when I mail the blocks...I doubt they have Quilters GPS.

  3. Too funny! I'd have thought they were some sort of cute quilter's decoration thing - and I have been known to sew the legs of pants together! I'd say I need some directional help!

  4. funny post,I wouldn't have known what they were for either :)

  5. Amusing post, I have some pine long but with the rounded end. I have never seen them with the arrows on!

    Wishing you a happy new year!

  6. Learning anything new has always been challenging for me, but once I decide I'm smarter than the inatamite (sp) object things start lookin up. Glad you have it figured out and can create so many beautiful quilts in 2013.

  7. My goodness, I've never seen these before! I'm sure I'd be sewing in the wrong direction (especially since I tend to not even read directions!)

    What a great post! You got me giggling with this one!

    Have a safe and Happy New Year!

  8. Oh I could never get those quilt blocks straight!
    I will leave it up to you.
    Happy New Year!


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