WORKBASKET 1962...Still Works for Sue

I know your not surprised that I have a Collection of The Workbasket Magazines,
 but you probably will be astonished that I was featured in
 Number 12, Volume 27 published in September, 1962.
I'll get to that in a minute....maybe two....so hang with me while I make my Basket Case.
Did you know that The Workbasket has been around since 1935?
Originally it was called Aunt Martha's Workbasket.
Very early this morning while having coffee and digging through a basket of buttons to embellish the Pumpkin Coasters I've been Crocheting, I ran across another basket of Workbasket Magazines.  Have you noticed how often the word 'Basket' appears in this post?  It's kind of a thing with me....Basket Collecting...that is!  And of course I USE them to hold  Collections of Yarn, Fabric, Notions, WIP's (works in progress), more Yarn, etc. etc. etc....you get the picture! 
Anyway, in the basket of buttons I found an old Smuckers jar of Vintage Buttons that will work great on the Pumpkin Coasters.  Not that they have a thing to do with Aunt Martha's Workbasket from 1962, but it is just another of the examples of my morning 'Multi-Tasking-Caffine Basket Case Thingy', and I thought you might like to see some of the buttons that were available to Aunt Martha back in 1935.  Oh, and some of the fabrics, too.  My work baskets work well on the 1930's quilt that covers the table where I work...notice how often the word work appears in this post?  Too much caffine or is it the basket case thingy!
In 1962,  I was a Teenager...15 to be exact...and I had just learned to crochet in Homemaking Class.
If I'd have known about The Workbasket back then,
I'd have made this Teen-Age Sue Pillow!
BeBopASueLa....I may make it yet!


  1. I love old issues of any type of crochet patterns or needlework. My favorite was Annies Attic. I learned to crochet off a pattern as a teenager from her patterns. I do think I have a Workbasket crochet magazine in my stash packed away. I made a list when I was young of all the things I wanted to crochet and sadly 25 years later I don't think I have made a thing off that list. I guess I better hurry up. take care, and enjoyed your post.

  2. I love to find old Workbasket magazines -- or Annie's Crochet -- they have some fun patterns! Be sure to show us when you make that record pillow!!

  3. ah Sue, I have several from my children's great aunt ! Love looking through them.

  4. We would get Workbasket magazines when I was young and I would go through them over and over again. I made a few doilies and used a quilt block to make a vest, but I remember a picture on the front of one issue with a crocheted long white dress that was so pretty.
    I hope you share a photo of that pillow when you make it!

  5. Well I am impressed! I come across these magazines quite a bit at auctions. I will definately be thinking about you the next stack I see!

  6. congratulations on being in Workbasket; it's one of my favorites, wish it was still around.

  7. I remember Workbasket! My mother-in-law had many and now I wish I had them!

  8. You have some very nice needlepoint pieces. I did that years ago, but no more. Have several small and large ones.

  9. My mother knitted and crocheted and we always had lots of these around. Brought back lots of memories! Happy VTT!

  10. Sue are you have to be one of the most talented and lovely ladies I know here! Your talent for all these treasures you create make sme smile and your story telling ability is a true blessing! Hugs Anne


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