Stitching To Dress...StressFree

Stressful Stitching?   What's that?
I've been a Stitcher since the early 1950's as a young girl...Thank-you Mother...NO STRESS then!
Stitching on a Treaddle Sewing Machine...A Little Treadle Stress...It was a Doll Dress!
Stitching on Mothers 1950's Singer....Mother Stressed...It was my First Dress!
Stitching through my Finger....Finger Stressed...Bandaid Dressed!
Yep, I guess there's a Bit of Stress in Stitching!
Somehow I never thought of it as 'Stress'....just a 'New Dress'!
I still think of  Stitching as 'Stress Free', and today I'm still Stitching to Dress!
So...what better way to
Spend Some StressFree Stitching Time
than in a
Stress Free JOB at a Stitching Store!

HiHoney Stressed!!!
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  1. Well, you lucky gal! What a great way to play with fabric and still GET PAID!!!
    But, seriously, you must see all the new craft "trends" and tools. Is it tempting, or do you resist?

    P.S. I puttered on my mom's treadle machine, but she got an electric one when I was in about 6th grade.

  2. I worked at JoAnn's for about fifteen minutes ten years ago. Putting fabric away reminded me of putting children's nicely folded clothes into cramped drawers. I hope you are behind the cutting counter where your expertise can help the people who want to make funny things out of fake fur. I hope your fabric store is for quilters and crafters. Is it? YOU will be the smartest employee to hit the bolts EVER! Will you show us all your fabric again and Quilt-a-lotta, too?

  3. My friend Alyn works for JoAnn's! She is my sew to go girl! Through the years she has made some wonderful aprons for me and costumes for my kids and when I was doing Princess House she made me the felt bags to protect the product while traveling!
    Gee you are giving me great memories today!
    I love listening to your stories!

  4. I took a job a few years ago at a huge quilt shop.

    My job was to help customers 'color coordinate' quilt fabrics.

    I loved it!

    Sadly, I turned out to be allergic to the sizing used in the fabrics.

    My eyes about swelled shut after a few days.






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