On My Sewing-Crocheting Workbasket Table

Like many Sewers/Yarnies/Needlers I have  so many 'Irons in the Fire' these days that I don't know whether
 I'm washin' or hangin' out....or in NeedleTerms....Stitchin' or Knittin' or Both!
And, ya know what...I'm Happier than a Witch in a Broom Factory!!!
(stole that one from a TV commercial...fits me to a T this time of  year.)
Anyway, on my Sewing Workbasket(s) Table I thought you might like to see a
 'Finished Project' and an 'In The Works Basket' Project.
Have you sewn on Fleece?  It's my new favorite fabric for Multi-Needleworking!
This No Ravel Fabric is perfect for a Quick Sew Pattern and Crochet Finishing.
It actually takes less time to Sew It Together than it does for the Crochet Finishing.
That is if you are a 'Type A Finisher'....if ya know what I mean.
What can I say....I'm into Crochet Couture...and Vintage Buttons.
Oh Yeah...The 'In the Works Basket' Project
Coming Soon From Vintage Workbasket
Vintage Vanna Still In Vogue
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PS...There really is such a thing as Crochet Couture...well, actually it's called Designer Crochet.  Here's a LINK for Designers who also are Crochet Coutures...like me...The Texas Crochet Couture Gal.  


  1. How fun! Love the crochet detail on your jacket:@)

  2. The jacket is lovely - and the details stand out beautifully. So...you're a Type A person for details.....

  3. What a great fall jacket! I love the contrasting fleece as well as the crochet and vintage button. I'd wear this without the tie belt. Just point me to the next chili-cook off or wine festival!

  4. Nice jacket and smart finished edge! You are one smart cookie!

  5. I love that jacket. You do very well on anything you put a needle to.

  6. Love everything! The jacket is beautiful. I have only 1 copy of the old Workbasket magazine and treasure it. My Mom used to get them all the time.

  7. Details! Details! You are a remarkable lady with such a neat talent! This jacket is lovely! Anne

  8. Wow you do beautiful work! I am Ann of Tin and Sparkles other sister and just read about the scarf you are sending our sis, Kathy. What a wonderful blessing it will be. I am a new follower and hope you will come by and visit my blog too. Blessings Debbie


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