Texas Gals Great Movement West

Howdy Ya'll from Fort Stockton, Texas
A few days ago I packed my Covered Wagon, donned my SunBonnetSue Bonnet and
 set out across the West Texas Desert.
It was a bit like stepping back to my Great Great Grandmothers time when she made the trip out West.  [I told you about that yesterday...see post below].  EXCEPT...my Wagon Wheel Tracks were Firestone Radial's on Interstate 10 to her Covered Wagon Wood Wheel Tracks over a Rutted Dirt Road.  I dodged 'ComeBack Good Buddy 18 Wheelers' driven' 80 mph to her lookin' out for Texas Size JackRabbits movin' slow enough to get a good shot off...supper.  I pulled into my favorite Mexican Food Place and ordered Tacos!  I tell you I was really Roughin' It with my AC blastin' and George Strait blarein' crossin' the WTexDesert in the HighHeat of August to Martha Jane's 'ReallyRoughin'It' in the Freezin' Dead of Winter.  What was she thinkin'!!! What was I thinkin'!!!

I rolled in to Fort Stockton and was Welcomed by
 Historic Fort Stocton's Pioneer Park and Visitors Center. 
The Prairie Schooner and Early Settlers
The great movement into the West was truly one of the most interesting periods of this nations history.  The period between the 1840's to the 1890's represents one of the greatest movements of humanity we will ever see in this country and is part of an era we will never see again.  Fort Stockton was a part of this great migration as people passed through on their way west or settled here on near the fort grounds.  (first paragraph)

It's a 'Fantastic Fact Filled' display of the Old West in West Texas.
Be sure and stop off in Fort Stockton when you are travelin' West...you'll be glad you did!

I'll be here a few days workin' at Bella Terrazza!

Pink Saturday is comin' up here in a day or two, and Boy Howdy, Ya'll do I have 'Some PINKness to Show and Tell!

So Ya'll Come Back!!!


  1. I'll be here - and I will be looking forward to it.

    I've never been to Texas. Maybe one of these days.

  2. Sounds like a neat time! Love those silhouettes!

  3. Where are you in relation to Houston? Our fireman's fiance to be lives in Katy.


  4. Have a great time...
    xo bj

  5. Have a super time! I love Texas! It is so big!


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