Gutsy Bonnet Wearin' Texas Gals

If you have been following along with my Ancestor Based Posts for the last couple of months, you won't be surprised to see ANOTHER HAT!

It seems the ladies in my family have had a thing for hats!  I've had a thing for hats forever, and never much cared if they were in fashion or not.  Of course in the 50's and 60s hats were popular especially at Easter and any Sunday.  Then they went out of style for awhile, and everybody that loved wearing hats would say, "I wish hats would come back in style".

Shoot!!! I say to heck with that In or Out of Style business!  When you live in Texas where the blisterin' sun beats down on your head you had better wear a hat! Like I always say, "If you gotta em...wear em"!!!
My Great Grandmother Martha Jane wore a Pilgrim/Pioneer/Sunbonnet Sue Bonnet.
 I just love it that I was named for a Hat.

Martha Jane wasn't a Pilgrim but a Texas Pioneer who earned her Bonnet Wearin' Status by drivin' a team of horses pullin a Covered Wagon across the Plains of West Texas.  She was a 'Gutsy Gal' who raised four children as a young widow in the early 1900's.  One of those four children was my Grandmother Effie Estell who was a Bonnet Wearin' Calf Birthn' Gutsy Gal!  You can read that story HERE

Speakin' of Pilgrims...I found some! Yep, I've been De-Clutterin' the Closets and
 Clutterin'Up my 'Junktique Booth'. 
Spent a couple of Sweatin' in the Booth days getting ready for fall! 
I'm sooooo ready for Fall!!!
How about Ya'll???


  1. I am yearning for fall. It's been a long hot summer capped off with earthquakes and hurricanes.

    I'll tie on my bonnet and hurry right over for a visit.

  2. Still hanging onto summer up here, but we've not had the sort of sunshine that would call for one of those bonnets!

  3. I love hats and that bonnet is very cool! I see them at fairs sometimes but don't buy them..always too big for my small head.

  4. Sue,
    When I get back to Florida, I am going to dig out some of the Jersey gals and their hats. I have enjoyed your posts.


  5. I'm ready for fall... for sure!!! And here you are traipsin' across the country side while it's HOT HOT HOT!!!

    LOVE the hats!!!
    ;-D robelyn

  6. I love my feet crunching thru the fallen leaves! I like the coolness in the air and candy apples or baked apples! Hmmm....


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