The Number TwoHundred

Nothing is more BlogBoring than a Post with a bunch of NUMBERS....
...unless you are a Numbers Person.  I'm not a Numbers Person...even though I did make A's in Arthmetic in the First Grade...proof...A Is For A's In Arthmetic and Agave.  Now, I certainly don't want to BlogBore Ya'll with 'ABunch of Numbers'....just one...make that a Two...okay...a Two and Two Zeros.
TwoHundred years ago in 1811 my 3XGreat Grandfather John Ichabod was 59 years old, and his wife Lucy Eunice was 51 years old.  They lived in Georgia and having a Texan as a decendant in TwoHundred years probably never crossed their minds.  Don't you just love that hat?

Here's some TwoHundred FYI's....I'm workin' on being a better Numbers Person.
~200 is the smallest base 10 unprimeable number-it can not be turned into a prime number by changing just one of it's digits to any other digit.  (whatever)
~200 is a common ISO-standard film speed for photographic films. However, 200 speed film is being phased out in consumer films in favor of faster films. (thanks technology)
~200 is a denomination of the euro note. (good to know if you are messing in the EuroMarket)
~200 is the sum of dollars given in the classical Monopoly game to a player passing Go. (I never got to pass Go...I played with cheaters who knew I was terrible with numbers)
~ A cholesterol level of 200 and below is considered "Desirable level corresponding to lower risk for heart disease" (and they said 200 wasn't a Prime Number)
~200 is An HTTP status code indicating a successful connection. (thanks to Bubba Rathbone...C Is For Computerin' In Texas)

Are Ya Bored Yet?  No?  Good cause here's my Big Number TwoHundred Special Announcement!! 
Just look at 'All Ya'll !!!
Thanks for Following CollectInTexas Gal !!!!
Ya'll are 'The Best'!!!


  1. Congratulations!!!! 200 huh?! I think we should celebrate with a glass of champagne. I'll put it on to chill.
    (I didn't know all those 200 facts. Now I'm edjemicated on the number 200. Do you have a spelling lesson?)

  2. Anonymous8/22/2011

    I love...love...love this!...and Lucy Eunice..the hat is aahhmazin! Very impressive Buehla Sue...oh! I mean Sandra Sue :)...how in the world did you know all that stuff about the "200" thingy? I shudder to think about "spellin lessons".

    hugs..."lilsis" aka conniemarie

  3. Congratulations on your 200th follower, Sue!

    Had no idea about most of those 200's.

  4. You're so funny, Sue! Yahoo for all those followers! (BIG HUG!)

  5. Congratulations, Sue! I've been following a long time. ;-)
    Missed visiting because of LIFE, but I've had fun scrolling down through all the recent posts I've missed. Wonderful old photos. ~ Sarah

  6. YES I love the hat and own a few that I wear to my Red Hat meetings, check out my Rednesday blog tomorrow for lots of BIG HATS. I love the picture and all the great number facts!!!!

  7. Congrats on having 200 followers! You're the best! Love ya!~Ames ♥

  8. All those number facts sprained my brain - it's a good thing you hauled me back with the last line. Congratulations!


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