The Rain Came...Twice...So Nice

The Rain in Spain Tejas!!!

Bella Had a New Umbrella
Bella had a new umbrella,
Didn't want to lose it,
So when she walked out in the rain
She didn't ever use it.
Her nose went sniff,
Her shoes went squish,
Her socks grew soggy,
Her glasses got foggy,
Her pockets filled with water
And a little green froggy.
All she could speak was a weak kachoo!
But Bella's umbrella
Stayed nice and new.
Eve Merriam


  1. It's sooo good to hear you're getting some rain. I wanted so bad to send Tropical Storm Lee your way back on Labor Day weekend.

  2. Isn't the rain great? I rarely use my smiley face umbrella around here. I grew up in Washington so I have webbed feet, but it rains so rarely here in Colorado that we LOVE it!

  3. So glad you got some rain! Cute poem:@)

  4. Yippee~kayay! So glad the rain came ! Hope you get enough to help!!~Ames

  5. Rain, it was much needed where you are! God is good sending you some moisture in the nick of time! My friend Ben has family in Nebraska. Their farm is under water and what happened was a terrible error of judgement on, you guessed it, our find establishment of politicians running the show! :(
    I did L O V E your sweet poem! I love running in the rain!


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