West Texas Frontier Fort Life...Enlisted Men

The United States of America Oath of  Enlistment and Allegiance.
God Bless Our Troops Then and Now
Dedicated to my Nephew David
United States Army
Serving in Afghanistan


  1. Good morning Sue, I was delighted to see your comment. Lucky you to be exploring Texas and Fort Davis. I read all of your posts and loved the tour and history lesson. This post just touched my heart. Our armed forces are trying to keep America safe as I write this comment. I have a nephew over there too. It scares me so much. Prayers for them all are constant.

    So nice to know you are having a great time on vacation.
    HUGS, Jeanne

  2. What a cool place!! I love the interior and all those little beds lined up.

  3. that is a awesome post...I love your header...

  4. Fascinating! Only having been in a bunk house, I wonder if it was always this neat and clean back in the day. ~Ames

  5. What a lonely life that must have been, back when the fort was on the frontier.

  6. Anonymous9/24/2011

    I am praying for David! What a lovely post.
    I am having a hard time with bloggerand it refuses to allow me to leave my comments unless I go thru my e mail address which pulls up my nick name as Anne Marie! That would be my given name! LOL!
    So while I inform you that my previous comments have errors I think it is an overdose of sugar! My two girls, the middle and Who Girl work for Sonic while attended college. I already downed a cherry chocolate coke and the hubby brought me a second one!
    I am a little wired to say the least! Also I did not have my morning coffee thinking I was going to have it at the fund raiser pancake breakfast at 7 this morning! Alas, the coach put us all to work and getting the food to the customers was hard work!
    So excuse my errors that I seem not able to capture today! LOL!
    Hugs and know that I love reading your blog!
    Happy weekend! Anne


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