Frontier Wife's Kitchen

Frontier Fort and Commander Benjamin Grierson's wife Alice K. Grierson
On the Web History:

The Kitchen...located behind the home and staffed with a cook/servant.

Mrs. Grierson's Buckmaster White Bread
Recipe in her Cookbook

Mrs. Grierson's cookbook was donated to the National Park Service at Fort Davis National Historic Site.
The recipes are written as she wrote them...listed ingredients and a brief preparation statement.
Ladies of the Southwest Region have tested and written modern adaptations and methods of preparation.
Also included are her Household Hints and Home Remedies.

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  1. now that is cool....

  2. Really enjoyed the tour back in time. Most interesting.

  3. Great to see a slice of history.
    - Joy

  4. That is really neat. I'd love to have a cookbook like that....the photos were great and a super addition to your post! A real step back in time. Happy VTT!

  5. I love going to places like this. Sometimes they have people dressed in period clothing actually cooking something in the kitchen. The kitchens were so primitive. Makes you realize how easy we have these days!

    I can't pass on pointing out ..Mrs. Grierson had one wicked part in her hair! :o~Ames

  6. Have you tried any of her recipes? We haven't been to Fort Davis, years ago we toured Fort Concho (?) in San Angelo (yes, I'm too sleepy to make sure that's the fort - but I do remember it was near San Angelo). I couldn't get over the fact that folks actually lived there - Where was the Air Conditioning?!!! Thanks for the tour.

  7. Anonymous9/24/2011

    Oh cool! I love cook books and as my SIL Cheri says "I am addicted to them"! HaHa! She is too I think soemtime it is a girl thing and a deep sickness for those of us who want to feed the phamily like we are serving the Nat'l Guard! LOL! Now my middle girl asked her daddy and I to hand write our phamily recipes for her for Christmas! That is her wish for a happy holday!
    This i a beautiful thing though, as I have recipes my mother and my favorite aunt hand wrote.I will not part with them. They mean the world to me.
    This frontier wife was ahead of her times. I love to see recipes written long hand and with little tibits to go wih it! Hugs Anne


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