Wedding Day Dressing

I know, I know....it's a mess...and you will never guess why.  You will no doubt guess that I have to make a mess by dragging out all the trims, fabrics, threads, etc. etc. to create just about any project.  I haven't done this in awhile, and I'm having such fun on this special project.  Ready? 

It's a 'Wedding Day Dressing Robe'.  See I told you it would be a guessing game!  Weddings these days have a touch of 'Traditional' mixed in with touches of 'Contemporary'.  In the olden days the Bride and Bridesmaids showed up at the church fully decked out and ready to walk down the isle.  The only photos of the 'getting dressed' part of the wedding day were for the Wedding Album where the Bride is perfectly dressed and posed.

Today, every aspect of the Wedding Day is celebrated and likely shared on Social Media...including the dressing getting ready room.  So it will be for my granddaughters wedding, but rather than 'Dressing Robes' the girls will be decked out in oversized old men shirts.  Doesn't that sound comfy and celebratory?  Just imagine getting a spa treatment with a makeup artist, a hairdresser, and a nail technician wearing a shirt off a thrift shop XXXL men's rack.  

Granddaughter says, "Nana do you think you could fix up the Old Men Shirts?"

My answer, "Really, you want to wear this thrifted $2 Old Man Shirt 
while you get ready to put on your $1200 wedding gown? 
 Of course I can."
PS...Watch for the finished Brides Dressing Shirt!

Wedding Day Dressing today is certainly different than 'Back In The Day'.


  1. Isn't that the truth! Everything is so different now. Good thing Nana is such a pro sewer!

  2. Sue, you always have told the best stories. WHat a different world today, I know! It is so good to see you here. You have to give the grandgirl an A plus for creativity. Brides today come up with some really creative ideas. My friend in Tennessee was at a grands wedding, the bride and groom decked out head to toe in black. It was very elegant but so different. I am always excited to see wedding photos. Our youngest married in the pastors office in blue jeans and she was the prettiest bride. But I don't tell her sisters that were pretty too or my lone DIL!
    Your grand girl is blessed having such a terrific grandma with incredible creative skills herself.
    Much Love

  3. Lucky girls to have their Nana sewing away. I like the idea of some fancy casual. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun as it all comes together.

  4. Oh yes, everything is so different now and I am not ready for if my son ever decides to get married. (no daughters) I would be useless in any decorating of anything endeavor.


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