Bridal Wear From Stash Mess

In the last post..."Wedding Day Dressing" ... the Brides Dressing Robe/Shirt had the look of "Your kidding me...Bridal Wear...no way!"  "Yes way" said the Bride after it's reincarnation from a man's XXXL shirt to a Brides Dressing Day Duster!  
And then there were the Bridesmaid Dressing Robe/Shirts.  
They agreed with the Bride....Yes Way!!!

Worked out perfect...Bride and Maids got a Fun Robe!
And I made....This Stash Mess at least half as much Less of a Mess!


Joanne said...

Practical and fun mess. You are on a roll. Sounds like it all worked out great. Have a super Thanksgiving now and pick up later

Alana said...

Beauty out of a mess - these all came out nice! Have a good Thanksgiving.


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