FALL-ing Back Blooms & Time Clocks

There is more to this TIME of year's FALLING BACK besides clocks, and in my case...many clocks.  For what ever reason I think I need to know what time it is wherever I find myself at any given time.  So ridiculous...I'm retired.  No longer on a schedule where I have to clock in and out.  I really don't have to time myself on projects or keep up with 'It's time to eat"...my stomach does that.  
Sorry,  I digress...time to get back on the point of Falling Back Blooms. 

Every year since planting pots of Mums I can hardly wait for them to bloom in the Fall.  They pop up every spring and stay green through out the summer.  

I can usually count on them to begin blooming on time by early October.  Not this year!  Like clockwork I checked them everyday for signs of buds.  Made sure they were watered and had the right amount of sunlight.  Even gave them a dose of bloom fertilizer.

Finally they bloomed at the end of October.  I decided Texas Mother Nature was not going to let go of 2021's  '100 Year Weather Calamity'.  I hear she will likely reek havoc with 'The Farmer's Almanac' in 2022.  I'll be getting out 'Fake Poinsettias' for Christmas. 

Now for a few favorite this time of year 'Fall Blooms' from 'Blogger Archives'.

So Maxine,  depending on your outlook...
we either lose an hour of daylight or we gain an extra hour of sleep!
I'm going with extra hour of sleep!


  1. I went with the extra hour of sleep, too. But seeing it get dark early - sunset today is 4:52 pm for us - doesn't make me the happiness. We also have mums that bloom at the last minute - some years they don't beat the first frost but this year they did. And now, we are having sunshine and highs in the 50's. So strange.

  2. I love the fall pop of color. I never have luck with mums but enjoy them on my walks around the blocks. I was up in PA a few weeks ago and while things weren't wild - the fall leaves were pretty. I do think 2021 Feb ice-ma-geddon affected everything.
    Your pics are pretty. And yes, I have clocks and watches and I want to know the time.

  3. Love those Fall colors! Oh Maxine...I share her every Tuesday. This time change upsets the cat and dogs. Apparently, Maxine too.


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