Coloring Comes Full Circle

As a child, coloring books and a box of crayons were one of my favorite pastimes.  Without realizing it, that childhood experience led to a lifetime of  'Coloring In My World'.  Coloring has been a journey of many pathways that have come full circle. 

As an Artist of Many Mediums from 'Art to Zippers'.. most of which have found a place in this blog...it seems appropriate to add a category of 'Senior Coloring'.  After all, when you can relate to 'crayons to perfume' you can certainly circle back to crayons.


  1. I always loved to color. That might be a new hobby when I retire. And somehow I always colored outside the lines. Or - way back as a very young kid, I came home every Sunday from Sunday school and my Bible picture was always in black. My mom finally asked why (no doubt thinking this was a sign of something awful). My answer, "kids grabbed all the good colors. I was left with black). I am now more assertive!

  2. Do you remember Venus Paradise Color by Number coloring sets? I loved them in my childhood. Sometimes, my Dad and I would sit side by side, me working on a child's set and him on a harder set. Brings back a lot of memories and I wish they would bring back these sets. (I also did black velvet painting sets in the 1970's.) On the other hand, I never did get into the adult coloring that's been popular the last few years.

  3. So thankful you put a recent comment on my blog. Glad to see you are back from hiatus, I will be following along. Perhaps we will be doing AtoZ blog challenge again this year? I opted back in for the 2020 event and will do 2021.

  4. You are such a talent, the woman of many creative talents. I love all those childhood treasures. Our two young grandsons love sidewalk chalk but the old bones we have are harder to get up from the sidewalk once we are done showing them our talents. I am the grandma printing their names in giant letters. My husband, grandpa, is the artist always outshining me hahaha


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