Wearable Arts Showcase...Another April Challenge

In an earlier post...OverDoSue's Sixth Year Sign On With AtoZ...I alluded to a number of April events and commitments.  Like the AtoZ Challenge, they too, are going to demand time, effort and consistency to pull off the Multi-April Challenges.  With that said, I am excited to announce my selection as one of the Featured Fiber Artists at the Wearable Arts Showcase.

Sponsored each spring by the Chicken Farm Art Center, the event features three out of town Fiber Artists and a Studio Artist from the Chicken Farm.  An Opening Reception is held on Friday evening in the Event Studio #1 and is continued on the next day which is always the First Saturday Monthly Show. 
As a 'Wearable' Arts Showcase the primary focus is on....well, wearables.  I do have a good inventory for wearables such as aprons, smocks, scarves, shawls, hats, jewelry, bags and so on, but I want to bring some new Spring and Summer items. 

So, that's what I have been working on with a line of small zipper pouch bags with shoulder straps, a line of Yoga/Runner Lycra Headbands, several lightweight crocheted summer shawls, and a line of Kimonos made from lightweight voile, jersey, and knit fabrics.  I will debut them later.  I'm having great fun designing these Kimonos with a SueTwist.

Oh, Okay...here's a sneak peak....
So 'Wearable'...One Size...Multiple Drapes.
Gotta Go...So many more to Sew!
Sew Little Time!

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Unknown said...

I see me in a kimono with a yoga headband! Going Boho Gypsy style! Oh yes! So unique. Place my order for one for spring. 😍
“Lil sis”


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