OverDoSue's Sixth Year SignOn With AtoZ Challenge

"How hard can it be, Sue"?  Let's count the ways.

First, after participating for 5 straight years beginning with 2012, I missed and regretted not making the 'X'tra 'E'ffort to join in 2017.  AtoZ made a big change in it's format, and I had just opened my Shop/Studio....reasons I felt were going to make posting daily in April too much of a 'C'hallenge.

When the AtoZ Team began gearing up for 2018 with their blog posts in February, my interest was peaked.  Maybe was my thought!  Then, March rolled around and my calendar for the 5 weeks of March and first few weeks of April began to fill up with Shop Classes, Spinning, Fiber Arts Showcase, and Family Obligations.

Suddenly, 'Maybe' became an adamant 'No Way'
Secondly, for 2017, I had exhausted my Family History, Quilting Life, Old Photos, 1950's-60's Yearbooks/Scrapbooks and finally my Collections of Art to Zippers.  I had nothin'...nada...zip for a theme.  I'm pretty much a 'Theme/Topic' writer/poster, so that sealed the deal on participating in 2017.
Thirdly....really, Sue, how hard could it be?  The answer and a 'Theme' came to me while driving through the Hill Country where Bluebonnets are beginning to bloom.  As the State Flower of Texas, they are an inspiration for anyone contemplating a short commitment.  You see, they bloom in late March and are gone the last days of April.  During their 30 plus days of blooming along the highways, covering fields and pastures and blooming in gardens and yards they provide Texans and visitors with a stunning and unforgettable experience in nature and Mother Earth.

The Master List sign up is how participants officially register to join the A to Z challenge 2018.

What timing on part of the AtoZ Team...'The Master List' post caught me on the 'Bluebonnet Trail'.
Did I 'Sign UP'? 
I was #414...my Lucky Numbers!  Meant to be! 

My Theme....OverDoSue's Fabric-Fiber-Craft World 

I got this covered from A to Z....don't you agree?


Wendy said...

I was toying with the idea of Heirlooms but I’m not sure I can meet each letter. I will have to think.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue - those bluebonnets are a delight to see ... glad you're joining in - see you there ... cheers Hilary

Tami Von Zalez said...

I'm back in too but I opted out last year because there was no linky list. Looking forward to your posts - mine are along the same lines, quilting, sewing and a skosh of fashion.

Sue McPeak said...

You know I will love your Heirloom theme. I may not be able to meet each letter either, but I bet we can come up with suitable combining letters to meet the criteria. We both have lots of past posts to glean from. That will be my focus...use what I already have in a revamped way. Hope to see you there.

Sue McPeak said...

I felt the same way about the bluebonnets. They were just the inspiration I need to join AtoZ 2018. Looking forward to catching up with you.

Sue McPeak said...

I did see your announcement, and will so enjoy seeing your posts and catching up with you. See you for sure on April 1st...if not sooner. I'm going to try and get ahead by scheduling as many as I can. Fingers crossed.

bookworm said...

I was so conflicted about joining - I decided the things happening in my life weren't going to conquer me. I'm so happy to know you are joining this year, as that is how we "met" each other. I am going to try to write some in advance today, and am thrilled to know we'll be meeting up in cyberspace today. Can't wait! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

Joanne said...

I shall be a supporter. I look forward to 30 days on the trail. Good luck

Sue McPeak said...

Although I read and commented on your last years AtoZ, I missed OUR shared experience. So, I'm glad to be sharing our AtoZ together again, too. I've started writing already, as well...my 'Theme' is changing a bit, but still basically in the 'Craft Category'.

Sue McPeak said...

I can always count on you. I hope I can finish the trail without tripping OverDoSue. Lordy, she is verbose...hey there's my Letter 'V'.

Unknown said...

Really Sue!!! "how hard could it be?" I am glad the bluebonnets inspired you. The definitely did me...I have one tiny patch I transplanted and promptly have been on a search for potted "ready to bloom"...unfortunately no luck, so will throw down some other wild flowers to join "my little patch", today. I think I got a little of the "overdoer" going on too. It must be in our "Bohemian Genetics". I look forward to reading your A to Z.

"lil sis"

Sue McPeak said...

I seldom see ready to bloom bluebonnets at plant places. Good they are easy to plant from seeds. With your green thumb they will bloom and bloom. I like the Boho-Gene overdo theory! XOXO...smile!!!!


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