ABC Teaser...Enough for Today!

One week from today the AtoZ April Challenge kicks off.  Since making the decision to join in this year, I've changed the idea for my theme a dozen times.  Do I really want to come off as a person with an OCDisorder, and will anyone be curious enough about an OverDoer's world of fabric-fiber-crafts to even give a click?  I guess we will find out...my AtoZ Header is ready to take it's place at the Header/Banner position, and 10 or so posts are written. 

The quote in the center of the header is a glaring reminder to myself.  So far it's not working all that well, as I've been browsing my photo files for ideas, and as soon as I hit on something, I'm off to the writing races.  I will have to slow down in the next few weeks.  I'm being featured in a Fiber Arts Show at The Chicken Farm Art Center where my Studio is located on April 6th and 7th.  Lots to do...in my mind...to get ready...even tho my shop runneth over.  It's another OverDoSue thingy!

How about an ABC Teaser to get you coming back for some
 OverDoSue's Fabric-Fiber-Craft World!
Letter A...Apparel Accessories for Easter
Letter B...Books for Knitters
Letter C...Christmas Craft...Fabric Origami
Enough for today...I don't want to 'OverDoIt'


  1. No, don't "overdo" it - I've already spent wayyy too much time on some of my posts - it's not necessary! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  2. I like the Fabric Origami

  3. teasers look tempting....

  4. Looking forward to your posts. I did get to see some bluebonnets, near Bronte, on my way out of state, last weekend. Sorry I missed you at the shop. Hope you had a nice trip, too. Maybe I'll see you in November.


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