Lucky 13...A Hook!

Obviously I am not from Italy or China where #13 is considered a lucky number, whereas here in Texas and most of the rest of the US, #13 is considered unlucky.  I like numerology, especially when I can skew it in my favor...like this post being #13 for the month of March.  That is significant because I almost always like things that are even numbered.

Actually, lucky or unlucky my focus on #13 is a 'hook'.  Yep, the word 'hook' refers to a catchy phrase or word that reels in readers/customers.  An example of a successful hook phrase is Verizon's "Can you hear me now?" 

Back to skewing #13 for the purpose of this post.  Besides being the 13th post for March, it is also the flip flop of today...March 31st...got it 31 flip flopped=13.  Lucky for me, huh?  Yeah, I know, it's a reach.  Anyway, other #13 skewers include Friday the 13th which happens during April's AtoZ Challenge.  My Lucky Letter for Friday the 13th is L...not for Lucky, but for a 3 'L' title...Libby LuLa Loom....another reach, but you won't want to miss learning about Libby LuLa, she has been my Lucky Weaving Charm.

The real reason for this March 31st 13th post is to get a few hours head start on posting my AtoZ 2018 Header.  The Letter A post is scheduled for 1:00 am standard time.  I'm not getting up at 1:00 am to set up the AtoZ Header or check on Bloggers promise to post  Letter A on April 1st.

You know it is a Double Whammy Day which hasn't happened since 1956 and won't happen again until 2029.  That'd be Easter Sunday on April 1st.  It will be okay...I'm trusting I won't wake up in the morning and find this.....
 instead of this....
AtoZ Challenge...Apparel Accessories for Easter

Are you 'Hooked'?


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Is it today or tomorrow ... my A has gone up ... British time - but for me ... it's still yesterday on the west coast!! See you for Apparel ... I am thinking - cheers Hilary

Sue McPeak said...

Time Zones...that's the thing with AtoZ being international. I think it's today here, but tomorrow where you are. Since your post popped up today instead of my tomorrow...huh? Anyway, I'll post on your A tomorrow while it's still tomorrow in your time zone and tomorrow in mine. Wow...I'm timing out...see you tomorrow I think! LOL!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My whole family loves the number 13. It's lucky for us.

Deepa said...

Awesome post

Tongue Twister for B


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