Quote of the Day

People who start projects and never finish them are
cooler than people who never start projects.

How cool am I.  I'm great at multi-project starting.  Yes, I can have lots of starts in many mediums stacked, stashed and stuffed around my studio, in storage and in nests around the house. 

I can now include 'In my computer', as I have scheduled A through M to the AtoZ Challenge Daily List Link.  Letters N-Z are set as drafts with Titles and some with photos and several scheduled...that means finished.
BTW, it is also 'Cool' to have multiple WIP's...Works In Progress. 
Progress eventually develops into
Accomplished, Concluded, Done, Ended, Finished!
Time to Start a new project😉!


Tami Von Zalez said...

I've got A-E scheduled to publish, have to fill in F-J and have K-Z nearly ready.
I've got quilt WIPs in order of scheduled to complete ~

Sue McPeak said...

You go girl. I think the Daily List Link is going to be the way to go for publishing posts. I am looking forward to being able to sort by category on the Google lists. Great improvements...good job AtoZ Team.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

If it's cool to have WIP's, then I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY COOL!!!!! Everytime I open another crafting box, I find another WIP to add to the list.

Joanne said...

very good quote. I admit to projects in the brain, but never started. Maybe it is time... Thanks for the push

Sue McPeak said...

I think you have 'Out-Cooled' me!

Sue McPeak said...

I bet your brain is on 'OverWordDrive' all the time...that counts as a start, and from what I see, you are a 'Word Master Finisher'. At any rate, glad to be 'Pushy'.

bookworm said...

Wow! I don't have to work today and I am trying to gte some drafts going - hopefully before life interferes! See you at A to Z! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

Sue McPeak said...

Nice to have a day off...Happy Good Friday! I have several things coming up that are going to take precedence over AtoZ, soooo I, too, am working on finishing up drafts to get scheduled. See you at AtoZ on Sunday...Happy Easter!


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